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King Street

Western Daily Press : Monday 6 February 1933

An inquest at Chichester, on Saturday on Tom Andrews (35), lately living at King Street, and Gladys Annie Lockhart (33), who had been known by her maiden name of Nurse, the jury found that Andrews murdered the woman through jealousy and then committed felo de se.

Portsmouth Evening News : Friday 14 January 1949

Council’s Compulsory Purchase Order for the sites formerly occupied by dwelling houses and commercial premises known as :- 2 -20 and 30 - 54 inclusive (even numbers) King Street

King Street: Welcome

1 King Street

1851 Census

Joseph Harrison : Captain, Royal Navy : 61 yrs


[Captain of 1832.]

Royal Navy Biography, Wikisource

Son of an old naval lieutenant, who died agent for transports at Plymouth in 1808. He obtained his first commission on the 10th May, 1807; and was appointed to the Achille 74, Captain Sir Richard King, Nov. lOth, 1809. In the summer of 1810, he commanded a Spanish gun-vessel, manned by that ship, and employed in the defence of Cadiz. He subsequently served off Toulon, on the coast of Sicily, in the Adriatic, off Cherbourgh, and on the South American station, from whence he returned home, and was put out of commission, in the autumn of 1816; at which period the Achille had been under the command of Captain (now Rear-Admiral) Hollis upwards of five years[1].

Lieutenant Harrison was made a commander in Sept. 1818; and promoted to the rank of captain, while serving in the Favorite sloop, on the coast of Africa, Oct. 9th, 1832. He continued in that vessel until paid off, at Portsmouth, in Aug. 1833.

This officer married, April 15th, 1820, Catherine, second daughter of ____ Mottley, Esq., of Portsmouth.

“Achille” at Trafalgar (1805)



Built in 1798, Gravesend. 

Sold in 1865.

• 1798 Capt. H. E. STANHOPE, 07/1798. 

• On 15 February 1799 a court martial was held on board GLADIATOR at Plymouth on James HAILY, a seaman from ACHILLE, who was charged with striking a midshipman in the execution of his duty and other mutinous conduct. 

• The charge being proved he was sentenced to be hanged.

• 1799 Capt. G. 

• MURRAY, 04/1799. 

• With the Channel fleet. 

• On the evening of 13 June ACHILLE arrived in Plymouth from off Brest after being run foul of by CAESAR. She had lost her bowsprit and foretop mast and received much other damage. 

• One of the crew had been killed. 

• On 19 July orders came down for 50 bullocks to be delivered to ACHILLE to be taken out to Vice Ad. POLE's squadron. 

• Several tons of hay at 5 pounds per ton were delivered for the use of the cattle on the voyage.

• ACHILLE arrived in Plymouth Sound with other ships of the Channel fleet on 28 August 1800. 

• On 5 September Earl ST. VINCENT sent in orders for all ships ready for sea to join him without delay. 

• ROYAL SOVEREIGN, PRINCESS ROYAL, PRINCE, PRINCE GEORGE, BELLONA and ARCHILLE sailed at once from Cawsand Bay and they were all clear of Penlee Point by nightfall.

• ACHILLE arrived in Plymouth on 8 January 1801 from a cruise off Brest and sailed again to join the Channel fleet on 29 January. She was employed in the blockade of Brest and Rochefort until the cessation of hostilities. 

• Capt. MURRAY exchanged commands with Capt. Edward BULLER of the EDGAR because the latter drew less water and was intended for the North Sea with which Capt. MURRAY was well acquainted. 

• In February a French convoy of 160 sail which had been lying at Bordeaux with stores for the fleet at Brest sailed under convoy of two brigs. 

• Two days later they were dispersed in a gale. 

• ACHILLE took one of them, a brig laden with wheat, and sent her into Plymouth on 21 February.

• ACHILLE came in to Plymouth for a refit on 15 July and she and EXCELLENT struck yards and topmasts to overhaul their rigging. 

• In the autumn she experienced dreadful weather off Rochefort before returning on 29 October.

• Capt. WALLIS took temporary command during November December, Capt. BULLER returning in January. 

• On 26 November ACHILLE was in Cawsand Bay to be paid wages before sailing to join Ad. MITCHELL's squadron in Bantry Bay. 

• There were several bum boats alongside and the first lieutenant, Mr MUDGE, fearing that seamen would find ways of getting ashore in them had ordered the traders off the ship. 

• When one of them, with a boat alongside with some girls, did not comply, the lieutenant took a musket from the gangway sentry and asked him if it was loaded. 

• The sentry replied that he thought not so Lieut. MUDGE threw away the ball from a cartridge, emptied the powder into the barrel and fired it at the boat. 

• Unfortunately there was already a ball cartridge in the musket and the shot hit the man in the face. 

• He was immediately sent to the Royal hospital where he died. 

• Lieut. MUDGE was sent on board the flagship in the Hamoaze.

• A coroner's jury brought in a verdict of manslaughter against Lieut. MUDGE on the 28th. and ACHILLE sailed for Ireland in a snowstorm the following day.

• On 19 January three of the mutineers from TEMERAIRE, which had been ordered to sail from Bantry Bay to the West Indies, were executed on board ACHILLE at Portsmouth and two more on CENTAUR. 

• (18 of the 20 who were tried were sentenced to death.) 

• On 4 March 1802 ACHILLE arrived in Plymouth from Torquay to be paid and returned on the 28th.

• ACHILLE was paid off all standing on 27 April. 

• The crew was discharged then she was re-commissioned again under the same captain and officers. 

• A party of Royal Marines consisting of a Captain, two Lieutenants and 60 privates was embarked on 17 May, however the following month she was found to be badly in need of repair so she was stripped and the crew was paid off in the Hamoaze on 29 June. 

• It was arranged for her to go into the Great Portland Dock on the first spring tide.

• 1803 Out of commission, Plymouth.

• 1805 Capt. Richard KING, Channel fleet. 

• ACHILLE was in Vice Ad. COLLINGWOOD's lee division at the Battle of Trafalgar on 21 October. 

• Her first opponent was the Spanish MONTANEZ (74) and she was then closely engaged for hour with the ARGONAUTA (80) before the enemy ceased firing. 

• Next the French ACHILLE (74) engaged her in passing, leaving ACHILLE in single combat with the French BERWICK (74). 

• The latter ship was completely subdued and ACHILLE took possession of her. 

• ACHILLE lost 13 killed and 59 wounded.

• 1807 off Rochefort in the spring, off Ferrol in December, and subsequently employed in the ill-fated expedition to Walcheren when Capt. John HAYES was placed in temporary command. 

• He brought home 700 French soldiers who had been taken prisoner at Flushing and for his skill in personally navigating ACHILLE to and from the Roompot (pilots being unavailable) he was appointed to FREIJA.

• On 28 February 1810 ACHILLE arrived off Cadiz where, during the following month, her people witnessed the destruction of seven Spanish warships, one Portuguese line-of-battle ship, and twenty-four merchant men, all driven ashore in a gale, and burnt to prevent them being pulled off by the enemy.

• In the summer of 1810 men from ACHILLE manned a Spanish gun vessel under the command of Lieut. Joseph HARRISON which was used in the defence of Cadiz.

• 1811 Capt. Aiskew Paffard HOLLIS, 16/04/1811, from STANDARD. 

• ACHILLE was first attached to the fleet blockading Toulon, then, after visiting Malta, she was employed in the defence of Sicily. 

• For eighteen months she was in the Adriatic blockading three line-of-battle ships and a frigate in Venice and others repairing in the arsenal. 

• The boats of ACHILLE and MILFORD captured and destroyed four of the enemy's coastal vessels off Corselazzo on 27 March 1813.

• By the summer of 1813 ACHILLE was badly in need of repair so she escorted home the Mediterranean trade. She was re-fitted at Portsmouth and, after a short period blockading Cherbourg, escorted a convoy of vessels bound round Cape Horn as far as the southern latitudes before joining Vice Ad. DIXON at Rio de Janeiro.

• The squadron returned to England in the autumn of 1815 and ACHILLE was put out of commission at Chatham. She remained at Sheerness until sold for breaking up in 1

1790 : 23 July, Bapt’d St Mary’s Portsea.  Father Richard Harrison, mother Alice

1820 : 15 April married Catherine Mottley at St Thomas’s

Jane Puttock : Servant : 19 yrs

Sarah Taplin : Servant : 50 yrs

1861 Census

Mary Wyatt : Housekeeper : 67 yrs

Robert Harvey : Carpenter : 23 yrs


1871 Census

Charles G German : Ship Agent : 54 yrs

Augusta : 58 yrs

Mary L 23 yrs

Alfred : Clerk to Agent : 21 yrs

Edward Bramble : 7 yrs

Louisa Funnell : General Servant 18 yrs

1881 Census

John Guile : General Labourer : 80 yrs

Mary Ann : 84 yrs

Mary Louisa German : 33 yrs

Augusta Bramble : 14 yrs

Sarah Giles : General Servant : 38 yrs

1891 Census 


1911 Census

Gertrude Jessie Parsons : 30 yrs

Elizabeth Jemima Hewett : Servant : 20 yrs

King Street: About

2 King Street
“The Phoenix”

1851 Census

Daniel Matthews : Greenwich Pensioner : 54 yrs

Mary Ann : 52 yrs

Maria : 12 yrs

Richard Henry : 8 yrs

1861 Census

Elizabeth Gorden : Shopkeeper : 47 yrs

Alice A : 11 yrs

Ann E Bryan : 31 yrs

Ann E : 8 months

Thomas Richmond : Cork Cutter : 49 yrs

Sarah : 49 yrs

Thomas : 19 yrs

Fanny : 13 yrs

Amelia : 11 yrs

Susannah Wildman : Wife of Soldier : 25 yrs

Henry J : 6 months

Jane Brutnall : Wife of Soldier : 31 yrs

James : 3 yrs

1871 Census


George Gordon : Cork Sorter : 47 yrs

Eliza J : Dressmaker : 46 yrs

William : 1 yr

Joseph Ward : Licensed Victualler : 72 yrs

Harriett : 61 yrs

George H Tollervey : Butcher : 40 yrs

Harriett : 38 yrs

Thomas G : 12 yrs

Charles J : 9 yrs.

1891 Census

The Phoenix

Horatio Philipps : Licensed Victualler & Common Lodging House Keeper : 61 yrs

Jane : 63 yrs

William Marsh : Fish Hawker : 23 yrs

William Feltham : Carpenter : 40 yrs

Frederick Dawson : General labourer : 43 yrs

Robert Hayling : Boatman : 47 yrs

William Ellson : Bricklayer : 50 yrs

Nicholas Knight : Cloth Hawker : 55 yrs

William Egerton : General Labourer : 50 yrs

Daniel Day : Merchant Seaman : 67 yrs

Richard Tomlin : Employed on Floating Bridge : 57 yrs

Portsmouth Evening News : Saturday 27 January 1894

Public and Lodging House for sale, present hands eight years.  Satisfactory reason given for leaving.  Phoenix Tavern, King Street

1911 Census

“Phoenix Tavern”

recorded as 3 King Street

John Alfred Gallop : Licensed Victualler : 39 yrs

1961 : Died in Portsea aged 90 yrs

Florence Adelaide : Assisting in the Business : 33 yrs

Gladys Aileen : 11 yrs

John Lionel Whitley : 2 yrs

Portsmouth Evening News : Tuesday 9 March 1926

What was referred to as a disgraceful scene in a public house was mentioned at the Portsmouth Police Court today, before Mr A Grigsby (in the chair) and Mr C H March, when Emily Barter, who gave her address as the Phoenix Hotel, King Street, was charged with unlawfully wounding Fanny Kelly of 55 Highbury Street, at the Naval and Military Arms, on March1, reduced to one of common assault.

Mr G H King appeared for the complainant, and Mr E F Watts for the defendant.

Dr M E Lampard described the wounds on the complainant’s hands.  The extensir tendons of the right index finger were severed in two places.  It was not a severe wound.

Complainant, who is the barmaid, said that about 9.15 pm on March 1 the defendant came into the house and had an altercation with another woman.  Defendant threw a glass at the other woman, and when witness asked her to leave defendant jabbed with a glass at the witness’s face, and in protecting her face, witness’s hand was cut.

Cross-examined, she denied that there was a “general scrap” in the house, and maintained that it was the defendant who struck her.

Complainant’s husband and two other customers gave corroborative evidence, and Mr Watts, for the defendant, said there was a most disgraceful scene, in which everyone was to blame.  Mrs Deck threw a glass at the defendant, and there was a scrap between them.  If Mrs kelly came between them she may have been injured by one or the other without either of them intending it.

Defendant supported this statement.  She denied striking the complainant.

Cross-examined ; she did not know Mrs Kelly had been injured until she saw her at the police station.

Evidence in support of defendant’s case was given by William Blake, a naval pensioner, who was in the hotel, and Elsie Jeffreys of 80 Highbury Street.

King Street: Welcome

3 King Street

1851 Census

Ann Thomas : Licensed Victualler : 52 yrs

Esther : Dressmaker : 18 yrs

Charles : 13 yrs

Owen : 11 yrs

John Seals : Labourer ; 22 yrs

Henry Ayling : Mariner : 27 yrs

Harriet : 26 yrs

Alfred : 7 yrs

John : 2 yrs

Thomas Matthews : Foreman of Dockyard : 39 yrs

Leonard : 15 yrs

1861 Census


Joseph Ward : Victualler : 62 yrs

1851 : Canteen Manager 52 yrs living at Cumberland Fort Lumps Lane with Harriet 43 yrs and Harriet 23 yrs

1871 : Licensed Victualler 72 yrs, living at “The Phoenix” with Harriett 61 yrs

Harriett : 53 yrs

Thomas G Tollervey : 4 yrs

Elizabeth Newnham : Dressmaker : 20 yrs

1891 Census

Robert Hayden : Boot Maker : 58 yrs

Rhoda : Laundress : 57 yrs

Charles : General Labourer : 22 yrs

George : General Labourer : 20 yrs

Walter : Butcher’s Boy : 17 yrs

Ann : 14 yrs

King Street: About

4 King Street

1851 Census

Ann Weeks : Lodging House Keeper : 30 yrs

Henry John : 4 yrs

Elizabeth Gordon : Shirt Maker : 36 yrs

William : 9 yrs

George : 7 yrs

Alexander : 4 yrs

Alice : 1 yr

John Luff : Bargeman : 45 yrs

Sarah : 38 yrs

Emma : 22 yrs

John : 15 yrs

Daniel : 12 yrs

Mary Ann : 5 yrs

William : 3 yrs

James : 1 yr

James : 4 months

John Hanton : Marine, HMS Vengeance : 39 yrs

Julia : 27 yrs

John : 2 yrs

Edward : 1 yr

Mary Riley : Charwoman : 40 yrs

William : 11 yrs

Charles : 8 yrs

1861 Census

Daniel Matthews : Pensioner : 74 yrs

Mary A : 60 yrs

1871 Census

George Hemp : Cork Cutter : 59 yrs

Elizabeth : 60 yrs

Clara : 20 yrs

Joseph : Cork Cutter’s Apprentice : 18 yrs

Charles : Cork Cutter’s Apprentice : 16 yrs

James Rooney : Soldier, 12th Brigade : 36 yrs

Mary : 35 yrs

Susannah Tarr : Shoe Binder : 56 yrs

1881 Census

George Knight : Seaman Stoker : 42 yrs

Elizabeth : 38 yrs

Ellen : 9 yrs

Martha : 7 yrs

George Henry : 6 yrs

Clara E : 3 yrs

Jessie : 1 yr

James Bailey : General Labourer : 23 yrs

Harriet : 22 yrs

Fanny : 3 yrs

Arthur Knapp : General Labourer : 23 yrs

Sarah : Charwoman : 31 yrs

Thomas : Errand Boy : 17 yrs

John William Hall : General Labourer : 59 yrs

1891 Census

George Knight : Engineer’s Fireman : 50 yrs

Elizabeth : Laundress : 47 yrs

Clara : 13 yrs

Jessie : 11 yrs

Kate : 9 yrs

Frederick Boots : Carter : 56 yrs

Andrew Knapp : Bird Fancier : 35 yrs

Elizabeth Wareham : Farmer’s Wife : 56 yrs

William Bore : General labourer : 32 yrs

George Micklam : General Labourer : 55 yrs

King Street: Text

5 King Street

1851 Census

Ellen Poole : Seamstress : 24 yrs

Letitia : Seamstress : 13 yrs

George Watcham : Gunner, Royal Marine Artillery : 35 yrs

Mary : 20 yrs

Ann : 4 months

Mary Ann Watts : Laundress : 27 yrs

John Richard : 6 yrs

Joseph William : 1 yr

William Martin : Mariner : 22 yrs

Maria : 22 yrs

Emily Bennett : Nurse Child : 3 yrs

James Churchill : Labourer : 36 yrs

Jane : 36 yrs

Jane : General Servant : 17 yrs

Sarah ; 13 yrs

Henry Chase : Master Mariner : 28 yrs

Charlotte : 27 yrs

1861 Census

Robert McCormack : Scripture Reader at Soldiers Friend Society : 37 yrs

Ann : 26 yrs

William J : 2 yrs

George Bridal : First Class Petty Officer, RN : 33 yrs

Ellen : 29 yrs

Bonding Stores

1881 Census

Frederick Walters : General Carrier : 29 yrs

Mary Ann : 25 yrs

Frederick J : 3 yrs

Annie : 1 yr

King Street: Welcome

6 King Street

1881 Census

Thomas Green : Licensed Victualler : 49 yrs

Annie : 22 yrs

Annie : 16 yrs

Jane Janes : Assistant : 65 yrs

James Fryer : Assistant : 36 yrs

William Tomlin : 43 yrs

Saul Howard : Hawker : 22 yrs

Johns Ems : General Labourer : 63 yrs

Richard Hughes : General Labourer : 45 yrs

Joseph Clark : Blacksmith : 37 yrs

King Street: Text

52 King Street

Portsmouth Evening News : Wednesday 6 September 1893
Oliver Martin, of 52 King Street, a child six years of age, was playing with a toy train on Monday evening last, when he put a lighted paper underneath the engine,”to get up steam.”  His night-gown caught fire, and before the flames could be extinguished the child was badly burnt down the left side.  He was at conveyed to the Hospital, where his burns were attended to by Dr Morley, the Assistant House Surgeon.  The doctor’s efforts, however, proved unavailing, and the little one succumbed to his injuries about one o’clock yesterday afternoon.  An inquest will be held.

King Street: Text

56 King Street

Portsmouth Evening News : Monday 20 October 1941
In fining Evelyn R Newlan (34), of 56 King Street, £5 with £5 costs for receiving a pension allowance to which she was not entitled the Chairman said the defendant had done a very foolish thing.  The Bench had seriously considered sending her to prison.
Mr D G Powell, prosecuting for the Ministry of Health, said that in May, 1940 the defendant was granted a widow’s pension of 10s weekly and 5s for her eldest child and 3s for each of six other children. The defendant did not tell the Ministry  that her children were in a home.  She had received for them allowances totalling £60 19s.  The Ministry had withdrawn 3s per week of Newlan’s widow’s pension.
Newlan admitted having had the money, but declared in court that she thought the Ministry were aware of her changed circumstances.

King Street: Text

King Street

1 Commissioner’s Yard

1871 Census

John Guile : Mariner : 66 yrs

Mary : Laundress : 64 yrs

King Street: Welcome

King Street
RN Victualling Department

Hampshire Chronicle : Monday 5 May 1817

On Tuesday the 13th May next, I shall be ready to receive sealed tenders, and treat for supplying such quantities of vegetables as may be required  for the use of his majesty’s ships at this port, for one year, from the 30th June next.

No regard will be had to any tender in which the price shall not be inserted in words at length, or that shall not be delivered before twelve o’clock on the said 13th of May, nor unless the persons who make the same, or some person on their behalf, attend to answer thereto when called for.

William Reeks    

NB The conditions of the contract may be seen at my office.

Hampshire Chronicle : Monday 17 December 1827

Portsmouth Victualling Office : Notice is hereby given, that on Thursday the 20th instant, tenders in writing, sealed up, will be received at the Agent Victualler’s Office for :-

300 Quarters of close-dried Amber Malt, to be delivered into His Majesty’s Brewhouse, at Weevil, in one month, and to be paid for bills, payable at 60 days after date, without interest.

1000 Quarters of Wheat, to weigh 60 lbs, per bushel (overweight to be paid for), to be delivered into His Majesty’s Mill, at this Port, in one month, and to be paid for by bills payablr sixty days after date, without interest

Wood Hoops as may be demanded for the service of the Department for the ensuing year.

Public Ledger and Daily Advertiser : Thursday 9 July 1829

Valuable freehold building ground in the centre of the capital seaport town of Portsmouth.  By Mr Hoggart, at the Fountain Hotel, on Thursday, July 30th, at four for five in the afternoon precisely, by order of the Commissioners for Victualling his Majesty’s Navy, a highly valuable freehold estate, comprising the whole of the site of the of the very extensive premises at Portsmouth, now used as a Bakehouse, &c., in the service of the Victualling Department, adapted for the advantageous employment of capital in building operations, and offering a very rare opportunity for securing a central situation for a market, or any Public Institution.

Printed particulars, with plans, are preparing, and may be had 20 days prior to the sale, of Mr Adams, Surveyor to the Commissioners, and sit at the Fountain Hotel.

Building Materials, of the best description, comprising the Bakehouse, lately employed in the Service of the Victualling Department at Portsmouth, by Mr Hoggart, on the premises,on Thursday 30th July at ten for eleven precisely, in Lots, by order of the Commissioners for Victualling his Majesty’s Navy. the whole of the capital building materials, comprising the well-built and extensive Bakehouse Premises, in King Street ; consisting of sound brickwork, stout lead in gutters, flats, rain water pipes, tanks, cisterns, hips, ridges, plain and pantiling, roofing purbeck, gunstone, flatner and other paving, plinths, Portland fender posts and facing, horse pitcher, and pebble paving, flooring joists, girders, partitions, boarding, quartering, doors, solid window frames, shutters, glazed sashes, jambs, slabs, lintels, soffites, linings &c..

To be viewed on application to Mr Adams, the Surveyor to the Commissioners, who will direct a proper person to show the property, and of whom catalogues may be had, also at the Fountain.

Very valuable freehold store-houses, with capital arched vaults, King Street,by Mr Hogart, at the Fountain Hotel, on Thursday 30th July, 1829, at four for five in the afternoon, precisely, by order of the Hon the Commissioners for Victualling his Majesty’s Navy, in three Lots, A noble pile of substantial buildings , 300 feet in length and upwards of 80 feet in depth ; comprising the Great or Long Store, erected in the most complete manner and strongly timbered, with three floors, and arched vaults to contain several hundred pipes.  The estate is all freehold, and will be subdivided into three warehouses with vaults ; bounded on one side by the New Custom House Quay, King Street in front, and St Mary’s Street at the other end.  May be viewed.  Particulars had of Mr Adams, Surveyor to the Commissioners and at the Fountain Hotel.

King Street: About

King Street 1841 Census

1841 Census

No house numbers on records

Dwellings etc separated by double spacing

John Sheppard : Victualler : 45 yrs

Mary : 40 yrs

Mary Ann : 26 yrs

Jean : 15 yrs

John : 16 yrs

Georgianna : 11 yrs

William : 4 yrs

Emma : 7 yrs

Rebecca : 4 yrs

Thomas Egerton : Wheelwright : 20 yrs

Caroline : 20 yrs

Stephen Hewett : Army : 41 yrs

Ann : 31 yrs

Ester : 6 months

Mary Davis : 59 yrs

Jane Gamiston : 51 yrs

James Armol : Labourer : 30 yrs

Henry Alford : 7 yrs

Ann Randle : 50 yrs

Charlotte : 16 yrs

Ann Fowler : 44 yrs

Mary : 12 yrs

Sarah : 7 yrs

John Mills : Labourer : 30 yrs

George : 10 yrs

Sarah : 30 yrs

Eliza : 5 yrs

Raymond Wickendon : 49 yrs

James Nolan : Seaman : 30 yrs

Hobart Harris : 17 yrs

James Bayland : 25 yrs

Myeston : 19 yrs

John : 12 yrs

John : 25 yrs

John Martin : Seaman : 51 yrs

Mary : 40 yrs

Clara : 12 yrs

Edward : 10 yrs

Emma : 7 yrs

Jane Gould : Charwoman : 46 yrs

Edward : 14 yrs

Samuel : 5 yrs

John Martin : Mariner : 24 yrs

Susan : 26 yrs

Raymond Barrett : Pauper : 35 yrs

Elizabeth Newham : 35 yrs

George : 35 yrs

George : 14 yrs

Henry : 12 yrs

William : 10 yrs

Thomas : 5 yrs

Eliza : 3 yrs

Robert : 4 months

James Pridham : Tailor : 45 yrs

King Street: Text
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