35 Highbury Street

1911 Census

Daniel Hewett : Coal Porter : 42 yrs

Alice : 38 yrs

Alice : 16 yrs

Daniel : 14 yrs

Alfred : 12 yrs

John : 10 yrs

William : 3 yrs


36 Highbury Street

1881 Census

Charlotte Norkett : Housekeeper : 49 yrs

Elizabeth Morgan : Pawnbroker‘s Assistant : 25 yrs

Ann Oxford : Pawnbroker’s Assistant : 19 yrs

Ellen Davis : Pawnbroker’s Assistant : 18 yrs

Sarah Hall : Servant : 17 yrs

Portsmouth Evening News : Wednesday 20 June 1894

On Tuesday next, June 26th, 1894

Messrs Penney & Clark’s order of sale of freehold properties, building land, and shares, at their auction mart, King’s Road, Southsea, on the above date, at seven o’clock in the evening

Nos 36 and 38 Highbury Street

Peremptory sale to close the estate , by direction of the Trustee of the will of the late Mr James Carr; freehold business premises

Nos 1, 2 and 3 Armoury Lane, tenements let at 3s 9d per week each; large two storey store adjoining at present in hand

Nos 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 Armoury Lane, five leasehold tenements, used as stores

Vendor’s Solicitor; Mr G Cosens Prior, High Street.

1911 Census

Ellen Cook : Greengrocer : 59 yrs

Ellen : Domestic Servant : 33 yrs

Ernest : Greengrocer’s Assistant : 30 yrs

Ethel : Assistant in the Business : 21 yrs

Frank Victor : Boot Repairer : 18 yrs


38 Highbury Street

1881 Census

William J Jordan : Beer Retailer : 43 yrs

Edward Ellis : Waiter : 74 yrs

Edward Wood : Servant : 73 yrs

Portsmouth Evening News : Wednesday 20 June 1894

On Tuesday next, June 26th, 1894

Messrs Penney & Clark’s order of sale of freehold properties, building land, and shares, at their auction mart, King’s Road, Southsea, on the above date, at seven o’clock in the evening

Nos 36 and 38 Highbury Street

Peremptory sale to close the estate , by direction of the Trustee of the will of the late Mr James Carr; freehold business premises

Nos 1, 2 and 3 Armoury Lane, tenements let at 3s 9d per week each; large two storey store adjoining at present in hand

Nos 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 Armoury Lane, five leasehold tenements, used as stores

Vendor’s Solicitor; Mr G Cosens Prior, High Street.

Hampshire Telegraph : Saturday 10 September 1904

38 Highbury Street, with shop, five rooms, and good cellarage.  Let at 5s weekly and rates.

Solicitor : R W Sherwin esq., 130 Commercial Road.


39 Highbury Street

1881 Census

Richard Gawn : Beer Retailer : 46 yrs

1871 : Merchant Mariner 36 yrs, living at 7 South Street with wife Amelia 34 yrs, Richard D 8 yrs,

Amelia : 44 yrs

Richard : Mariner, unemployed : 18 yrs

William : 9 yrs

Jane : 6 yrs

Elizabeth : 1 yr

Sarah White : 79 yrs

Charles Crabb : Blacksmith : 29 yrs

Portsmouth Evening News : Monday 13 March 1944

Death : Gawn - Ben, in loving memory of our dear brother Ben who passed peacefully away March 9th, 1944.  Late of Highbury Street.


40 Highbury Street

1881 Census

Harry J Symonds : Photographer : 29 yrs

Julia A : 24 yrs

Harry J : 1 yr

Annie Thorn : General Servant : 25 yrs

Catherine Donovan : Artist : 31 yrs

Edward : 6 yrs

Florinda : 4 yrs

Emily Caws : Domestic Servant : 16 yrs

1911 Census

Walter Francis Smith : Water Merchant’s Carter : 32 yrs

Mary Ann : 30 yrs

Walter Charles : 4 yrs

Albert Frederick Francis : 11 months


41 Highbury Street

1881 Census

Samuel Hudson : School Master : 36 yrs

Mary A : 38 yrs

William H : 10 yrs

Mary E : 9 yrs

Amy : 8 yrs

John A : 5 yrs

Mary A : 59 yrs

John E May : School Master’s Assistant : 25 yrs


42 Highbury Street

1881 Census

Thomas Burns : Barrack Sergeant : 64 yrs

Phoebe : 35 yrs

E P Frawley : Needlewoman : 33 yrs

Mary A Burns : Musician : 24 yrs

Elizabeth F Coghlan : Milliner : 14 yrs

Louisa Burns : 11 yrs

Rose : 8 yrs

Beatrice : 5 yrs

Katie : 3 yrs

Robert : 2 yrs

Francis : 9 months

1911 Census

Eliza Whymark : Old Age pensioner : 73 yrs

Ada Florence : Draper’s Assistant : 15 yrs

Portsmouth Evening News : Thursday 13 April 1939

Alleged Receiver - Frank Leake (53) of 42 Highbury Street, a marine store dealer, was remanded for eight days on a charge of receiving a quantity of woollen articles, including 50 jumpers and 70 vests, valued together at £27, the property of  the personal Service League well knowing them to have been stolen.

Det Sgt Hughes said that between March 31 and April 6, 32 Kings Road, Southsea, was entered and a number of woollen garments stolen.

Two boys appeared at the Juvenile Court for the offence, and subsequently two-thirds of the property was recovered from Leake, who denied knowing that they had been stolen.

Bail was allowed.


43 Highbury Street

1881 Census

Anna F Charpentier : School Mistress : 54 yrs

Josephine Marignan : French Governess : 25 yrs

Maud Tyms : 13 yrs

Fanny Moon : Servant : 25 yrs


44 Highbury Street

1911 Census

Thomas Fazackarley : General labourer : 33 yrs

Rose Laura : 29 yrs

Thomas Edward : 8 yrs

Arthur James : 6 yrs

William George : 4 yrs

Richard : 2 yrs

Albert Roland : 5 months

Alfred George Tait : Greengrocer’s labourer : 19 yrs

Grace Lydia Inkpin : 59 yrs


46 Highbury Street

1911 Census

Rebecca Claney : General Shop, Grocery : 63 yrs

Etty Nash : Charwoman : 48 yrs


47 Highbury Street

Hampshire Telegraph : Saturday 20 May 1899
A Madman’s Suicide - Tragedy at Milton Asylum
At the Borough of Portsmouth Lunatic Asylum, Milton, on Tuesday, Mr T A Bramsdon, JP, the Borough Coroner, held an inquest as to the circumstances attending the death of  Thomas Henry Hardwick, aged 28, an inmate of the Asylum, formerly residing at 47 Highbury Street, who cut his throat early Saturday morning last.
The Widow’s Evidence and Complaints - Eliza Hardwick of 47 Highbury Street, who had a small baby in her arms, and appeared very much affected, shivering and sobbing as she gave her evidence, identified the deceased as her husband.  He had served in the Army in Egypt for four years, but returned home some seven years ago.  He was not wounded and had not suffered from sunstroke.  He had never had a day’s illness.  It was Saturday fortnight that she first found that there was something wrong.  He was sitting by the fire that night, and when she asked him why he was so miserable he said,” I’m mad.”  She took him to Dr Morley, and he was removed to the Union Infirmary the same night.  He wished to go.  He was removed to the Asylum on Monday week.  She came up to see him the day he was admitted.  She said time that he was in hospital, but he replied that he was at the Asylum and that he was mad.  She didn’t think, however (this with tears and a catch in her voice) that he should have been taken to the Asylum.  She asked him, to test him, how much there was to come to him for his work, and he said,” Two shillings Liza.  Draw it.”He never lost his recollection, nor anything.  She complained that a Police Sergeant and a Constable, both in uniform, came to her house on the Saturday, and without any preparation told her that husband was dead.  She thought that they might at least send a plain clothes man.
By a Juror - My husband suffered from enteric fever whilst abroad
By the Coroner - He was not under the delusion that he was to be arrested by the police for some crime, not that I know of.
Medical Testimony - Dr John Blackwood (senior assistant medical officer, in charge of the male side) said he examined the deceased on his admission, and he was satisfied that he  was insane.  The first manifestation of violence was that of Saturday last, which resulted in his death.  Witness was called to him about 7.30 am, and found him lying on the dormitory floor in No 4 Ward, with a large incised wound in his throat, which had penetrated to the larynx.  The wound was just above the air passage and the haemorrhage twice nearly choked him.  All that was possible was done for the deceased, but he expired shortly after eight o’clock.  A Post Mortem examination showed that the membranes  of the brain were thickened, as the result of inflammation, probably of some weeks’ standing, and the grey matter of the brain was congested.  The state of the brain was strong evidence of insanity.  It was in a very bad state.  The cause of death was shock and  haemorrhage combined, the result of the wound in the throat.
Slashed at His Throat - Arthur Himmens, charge attendant at the Asylum, said that up to Saturday last the deceased had given no trouble, and they did not anticipate any.  He walked about a good deal, and seemed rather restless, but never threatened to commit suicide.  Witness described how Hardwick snatched the knife and ran off, witness following.  At the dormitory door the deceased stopped and drew the knife across his throat, and running forward into the dormitory again, slashed at his throat, and throwing the knife away fell back in witness’s arms.  Witness laid him on the floor, and sending the other attendant, Tobin, for the Doctor, endeavouring  to staunch the wound with a pillow case.  Dr Blackwood and Dr Mumby (the Superintendent) came at once.  Deceased was very quick and witness could not catch him sooner, as he had to get around the corner of the table, and the deceased had a good start.
Edward Tobin corroborated.
Dr B H Mumby (Superintendent) supported the evidence given by Dr Blackwood.  He had measured the distance from the table to the spot where Hardwick was lying, and found it was 42 yards.
By the Coroner - It would be possible to have the bread cut outside the wards, and to keep the knives out of the wards altogether, but that would mean altering the whole of the administration of the Asylum.
No One to Blame - In summing up the Coroner said that no blame was to be attached to the authorities, as the man had not exhibited any violent tendencies, and they were therefore quite right in treating him in as home-like manner as possible.
The Jury returned a verdict that the deceased committed suicide while of unsound mind, and exonerated the attendants from all blame.


48 Highbury Street

1911 Census

Frederick Robert Harris : Seaman : 51 yrs

Phyllis : Needlework : 51 

Charles John Wellspring : Carrier’s carman : 28 yrs

Harry Merritt : Ship Fitter : 26 yrs


49 Highbury Street

Sheffield Weekly Telegraph : Saturday 22 August 1896

To Anglers - If you want good sport, send 2s 6d for a bottle of Solena for all coarse fish; never fails. Small sample 1s.  William Sartin, 49 Highbury Street, Portsmouth

1911 Census

John Colburt : Boatman : 58 yrs

Sarah : 58 yrs

Albert Cottrell : Boatman : 51 yrs

Alice Emily : 42 yrs

Tom : Motor Boatman : 18 yrs

George : Motor Boatman : 16 yrs

Laura Sheppard Potato Sorter : 41 yrs

Alfred Grist : Dock labourer ; 41 yrs

Rosina : 37 yrs

Alfred Albert : 11 yrs

Rosina : 9 yrs

Henry George : 7 yrs

Thomas Albert : 1 yr


50 Highbury Street

1911 Census

Ann Roles : 54 yrs

Albert : Errand Boy, Wines & Spirits : 18 yrs

Blanche : 14 yrs

Harriett Dobbs : 80 yrs


51 Highbury Street

Sheffield Weekly Telegraph : Saturday 13 September 1902

Rabbit Killers - Deadly, accurate, noiseless, kills rabbits, hares, birds, etc., at 150 feet, carries ball or shot; price 2s 6d., carriage free.  W Sartin, 51 Highbury Street, Portsmouth

1911 Census

Edward W J Tait : Boatman : 35 yrs

Alice : 35 yrs

Edward : 5 yrs

John Frederick : 3 yrs

John Webb : General labourer : 56 yrs

Elizabeth Jane : Charwoman : 46 yrs

Harriett : Domestic Servant : 24 yrs

Frederick : Fish Merchant’s Porter : 16 yrs

Albert : 7 yrs

Mary Jane : 5 yrs

Thomas Graham : Coal Porter : Coal Porter : 44 yrs

Elizabeth : 37 yrs

Cornelius Adams : Hawker : 60 yrs

Mary : Assists Husband : 53 yrs

Woodward : Hawker : 53 yrs

Woodward : Assists Husband : 47 yrs


52 Highbury Street

1911 Census

“Ship Kent Tavern”

Hannah Darvill : Publican : 52 yrs

Emma Lee : Assists in Business : 29 yrs

John : Coachman : 29 yrs

John William : 5 yrs

Alfred Henry Nelson : 3 yrs

  • Joseph Henry Hodges : Coachman, unemployed : 27 yrs


53 Highbury Street

Portsmouth Evening News : Wednesday 15 September 1915

H P Gregoire Touring Car, 4 cylinder engine, lamps, Stepney etc., excellent condition; £140. bargain.  53 Highbury Street

1911 Census

Maurice Sparshott : Wheelwright : 58 yrs

Harold : Seaman : 18 yrs

Winifred : 15 yrs

Henry Ballard : Night Watchman : 68 yrs

Elizabeth : 54 yrs

William : Butler : 27 yrs


54 Highbury Street

1911 Census

John James Trueman : Greengrocer : 74 yrs

Thomas Edward Tait : Master Mariner : 35 yrs

Mary Ann : 39 yrs


55 Highbury Street

1911 Census

Michael Sullivan : Naval Pensioner & Publican : 63 yrs

Ellen : Assists in Public House : 56 yrs

John : Overseas, Post Office dept : 36 yrs

Mary : 29 yrs

Dora : Dressmaker : 24 yrs

Maud : Dressmaker : 22 yrs

Winifred : 20 yrs

Lilian : Clerk in Laundry office : 17 yrs

Herbert Maurice : Clerk in Solicitor’s Office : 15 yrs

Portsmouth Evening News : Tuesday 9 March 1926

What was referred to as a disgraceful scene in a public house was mentioned at the Portsmouth Police Court today, before Mr A Grigsby (in the chair) and Mr C H March, when Emily Barter, who gave her address as the Phoenix Hotel, King Street, was charged with unlawfully wounding Fanny Kelly of 55 Highbury Street, at the Naval and Military Arms, on March1, reduced to one of common assault.

Mr G H King appeared for the complainant, and Mr E F Watts for the defendant.

Dr M E Lampard described the wounds on the complainant’s hands.  The extensir tendons of the right index finger were severed in two places.  It was not a severe wound.

Complainant, who is the barmaid, said that about 9.15 pm on March 1 the defendant came into the house and had an altercation with another woman.  Defendant threw a glass at the other woman, and when witness asked her to leave defendant jabbed with a glass at the witness’s face, and in protecting her face, witness’s hand was cut.

Cross-examined, she denied that there was a “general scrap” in the house, and maintained that it was the defendant who struck her.

Complainant’s husband and two other customers gave corroborative evidence, and Mr Watts, for the defendant, said there was a most disgraceful scene, in which everyone was to blame.  Mrs Deck threw a glass at the defendant, and there was a scrap between them.  If Mrs Kelly came between them she may have been injured by one or the other without either of them intending it.

Defendant supported this statement.  She denied striking the complainant.

Cross-examined ; she did not know Mrs Kelly had been injured until she saw her at the police station.

Evidence in support of defendant’s case was given by William Blake, a naval pensioner, who was in the hotel, and Elsie Jeffreys of 80 Highbury Street.

Defendant was sentenced to one month’s imprisonment 


56 Highbury Street

1911 Census

Samuel Moore : Coal Porter, Discharging Ships : 50 yrs

Mary : 45 yrs

Mary : 25 yrs

George : Carter, General carrier : 23 yrs

Eliza : General Servant : 19 yrs

Louisa : Pea factory Packer : 16 yrs

Elizabeth : Pea Factory Packer : 15 yrs

Rose : 12 yrs

James : 11 yrs

Alfred : 6 yrs

Augustus : 5 yrs


58 Highbury Street

1911 Census

George Deck : Formerly in the Army : 50 yrs

Sarah : 42 yrs


60 Highbury Street

1911 Census

George James Stoneham : Baker, Journeyman : 41 yrs

Bessie : 40 yrs

Harold Victor : 9 yrs

Percilla Gladys : 5 yrs

George Thomas Venables : General Dealer : 40 yrs

Norah Smith : Flower seller : 28 yrs

Rose Sullivan : Flower seller : 28 yrs

Edward Williams : Coal Porter : 45 yrs

Frederick Finch : General Labourer : 40 yrs

Mary : 34 yrs

William Charles Maker : General Labourer : 22 yrs

Emily Catherine : 21 yrs

Ann Dummer : 53 yrs

William Smith : General labourer : 57 yrs

Portsmouth Evening News : Saturday 28 February 1920

Why suffer the inconvenience of gas when the Portsmouth Electrical Fitting Co. 60 Highbury Street (close to Portsmouth Electric Supply Station), can quote you for installing Light, Power, Heat. We employ Ex-Service Pre-War Electricians and use best materials only.  Please ask our Representative to call.


62 Highbury Street

1911 Census

William George : Cutler : 32 yrs

Helen : Assistant in the Business : 28 yrs

Maria : 8 yrs

Matthew : 5 yrs

Mary : 3 yrs

William : 1 yr

Portsmouth Evening News : Wednesday 23 June 1937

Mrs Moore and family, of 62 Highbury Street, wish to thank relatives, friends and neighbours for their beautiful floral tributes; also many letters of sympathy in their sad bereavement; and also the attendants at A10 Ward, St Mary’s Hospital.


64 Highbury Street

1911 Census

Charles Norcombe : Cycle Dealer & Electroplate Polisher : 30 yrs

Alexander Stowell : Electroplater  & Scourer : 35 yrs