High Street

Married Quarters

1891 Census

James Robjohns : Sgt, RA : 56 yrs

Eliza : 58 yrs

Florence S A : Seamstress : 20 yrs

1901 Census

George Williams : Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery : 49 yrs

Rachel : 41 yrs

1911 Census

No 2

John Connell : Army Pensioner, Barrack Labourer : 62 yrs

Catherine : Laundress : 54 yrs

William Patrick : Brewer’s Labourer : 24 yrs

Margaret : Laundress, Assisting Mother : 22 yrs

Esther Johanna : Domestic : 20 yrs

Catherine Julia Pauline : 12 yrs


High Street

Master Gunner’s Quarters

1851 Census

Edward O’Brian : Master Gunner, Portsmouth : 43 yrs

Catherine : 50 yrs

Edward : 13 yrs

1881 Census

Henry W Cleary : Master Gunner R A : 39 yrs

Sarah A : 29 yrs

Harry W : 11 yrs

Gertrude : 8 yrs

Thomas : 6 yrs

Maude : 4 yrs

George : 2 yrs

1891 Census

William G Gregory : Master Gunner, RA : 35 yrs

Annie : 23 yrs

George : 9 yrs

Ellen M : 8 yrs

Ethel R : 6 yrs

Valentine : 3 yrs


High Street

Pier Toll House

1851 Census

Richard W Clark : Collector of Tolls : 42 yrs

Ann P : 41 yrs

Sarah A : 14 yrs

Albert E : 8 yrs

Richard W : 5 yrs

William E : 3 yrs

Georgina M : 9 months

In 1861 Census “Pier Toll House” is listed in Broad Street.

1881 Census

Henry Noble : Toll Collector, Victoria Pier : 47 yrs

Mary : 46 yrs

Edward : Assistant : 14 yrs

James : 6 yrs

George : 3 yrs

1911 Census

Frederick Grevatt : Pier Master : 67 yrs

Fanny : 56 yrs

William Russell : 77 yrs


High Street

Soldiers’ Institute

1891 Census

Sarah Robinson : Superintendent : 55 yrs

Thomas Hogben : Director of Mission Work : 41 yrs

Alice Walker : Mission Worker : 37 yrs

Katherine Dollman : Mission Worker : 43 yrs

Mary Hunt Gill : Mission Worker : 45 yrs

Caroline H Manson : Mission Worker : 38 yrs

Emily Ramsey : Mission Worker : 42 yrs

Margaret J Smith : Mission Worker : 57 yrs

Rosa Churchill : 30 yrs

Lily A Smith : Bar Manageress : 33 yrs

Fanny Gedge : Linen Maid : 43 yrs

Esther Bailey : Housemaid : 18 yrs

Lottie Clark : Housemaid : 19 yrs

Florence Haskins : Housemaid : 21 yrs

Louisa E P Gould : Parlourmaid : 21 yrs

Violet Salter : Barmaid : 21 yrs

Jane West : Barmaid : 33 yrs

Annie Jenkins : Cook : 28 yrs

Emile E Goble : Kitchenmaid : 17 yrs

Albert Bloth : Porter : 20 yrs

James Clean : Musician : 25 yrs

C A Blake : Commercial Traveller : 39 yrs

Arthur E Bowes : Private, Royal Marines : 20 yrs

William Hobbs : Ship Steward ; 49 yrs

Albert Juidge : Officer’s Servant : 22 yrs

John R Couling : Paper Hanger : 35 yrs

George C Anderson : Corporal, Infantry : 23 yrs

William Dann : Army Reserve : 28 yrs

Alice Caster : 22 yrs

Joseph C Nosgrove : Army School Master : 25 yrs

Portsmouth Evening News : Tuesday 25 June 1895

Situations Vacant - A thoroughly respectable girl, as kitchenmaid.  Good character required.  Apply Housekeeper, Soldiers’ Institute, High Street.

Hampshire Telegraph : Friday 18 June 1915

The below named have joined the 2nd Battalion of the Hampshire Regiment

John Emanuel Pearson, Soldiers’ Institute

George Shepherd, Soldiers’ Institute


High Street

Theatre Yard 

1851 Census

Ambrose Pitt : Coal Dealer : 69 yrs

Tabitha Passingham : 25 yrs


High Street

Victoria Pier 

Hampshire Advertiser : Saturday 24 August 1844

Yesterday afternoon as a boatman was passing the buoy moored in the centre of the stream, off the Victoria Pier, he observed a large mass floating on the water which on approaching was found to be a hammock in which was the partly decomposed body of a man, having some parts of a soldier’s dress upon him, and supposed to the body of a soldier who had died at sea.  It lay exposed on the beach until the order of the coroner could be ascertained, when it was removed to a house adjacent and an inquest will be held.

Hampshire Advertiser : Saturday 23 August 1845

We have much pleasure in announcing that, by permission of Colonel Malet of the 8th Regiment, the splendid band of that Regiment will perform upon the above promenade every Thursday afternoon, weather permitting.

Hampshire Telegraph : Saturday 11 August 1849

Victoria Pier, Portsmouth

Omnibuses wait the arrival of every train, at the South-Western and Brighton Railway Stations, at Portsmouth, for the conveyance of passengers to the Victoria Pier, en route for the Isle of Wight and Southampton.

And also wait the arrival, at the Victoria Pier, of every steamer from Ryde, Cowes, and Southampton, for the conveyance of passengers to the respective railway Stations.

Victoria Pier is the nearest point of communication with both stations, and passengers embarking there effect an important saving both in time and distance.


High Street

Victoria Pier Toll House

1851 Census

Richard W Clark : Collector of Tolls : 42 yrs

Ann P : 41 yrs

Sarah A : 14 yrs

Albert E : 8 yrs

Richard W : 5 yrs

William E : 3 yrs

Georgina M : 9 months

1861 Census

“Victoria Pier”

James Nash : Toll Collector : 30 yrs

Emily S : 29 yrs

James J : 3 yrs

Emily S ; 1 yr

1871 Census

Charles Old : Pier Manager : 53 yrs

Hannah : 52 yrs

Emma : Dressmaker : 17 yrs

Benjamin R : Errand Boy : 15 yrs

William : 12 yrs

1881 Census

Henry Noble : Toll Collector, Victoria Pier : 47 yrs

Mary : 46 yrs

Edward : Assistant : 14 yrs

James : 6 yrs

George : 3 yrs

1891 Census

William Henry Morgan : Pier Master : 53 yrs

Louisa : 47 yrs

Louisa M : 23 yrs

Fanny : 16 yrs

Harry : 11 yrs

Nellie : 7 yrs

Arthur : 4 yrs

Frank : 4 yrs

Albert : 2 yrs

1911 Census

Frederick Grevatt : Pier Master : 67 yrs

Fanny : 56 yrs

William Russell : 77 yrs


High Street

Warrant Officers Club

1891 Census

Scott A Ball : Gunwharf Clerk : 50 yrs

Esther L M F : 50 yrs

Francis P : Solicitor’s Clerk : 18 yrs


High Street

“Clarence Hotel”

London Courier and Evening Gazette : Thursday 31 July 1828

To be sold by auction (without reserve), either together or in Lots, on Tuesday, August 5, at eleven o’clock in the forenoon, upon the premises - A very valuable freehold estate, consisting of the Crown Inn, Clarence Hotel, Coffee House, Tap House, Assembly and Card Rooms, Baths, Coach Houses, Stables &c ; situate in the centre of the High Street, and in Pembroke Street, adjoining, and forming one of the the most desirable properties ever offered to the public.  The premises are are peculiarly well adapted for carrying on the business of an Inn and Hotel on a scale of great extent and respectability.

Hampshire Telegraph : Saturday 3 August 1878

The Portsea Island Board of Guardians acknowledged a parcel of books from Mrs Dean of “The Clarence Tavern”, High Street.

Portsmouth Evening News : Saturday 30 October 1886

Good stabling to let, four stall stable; also two stall with coach house in central position.  Clarence Hotel, High Street

Portsmouth Evening News : Friday 29 March 1895

Wanted immediately, young lady, as barmaid and assist in the house.

Apply Clarence Hotel, High Street

1911 Census

James Ralph : Publican : 56 yrs

Elizabeth : 54 yrs

Emily : Assists in business : 22 yrs

Grace : 15 yrs

George Gleeson : Soldier : 29 yrs

Cameron Campbell : Independent Means : 22 yrs

Kathleen : 21 yrs


High Street
“Duke of Buckingham”

Portsmouth Evening News : Wednesday 27 September 1922
Transfer Publicans’ Licenses
The Duke of Buckingham, High Street from John Franlin to Harry John Marchment.


High Street

“Duke of Devonshire”

Portsmouth Evening News : Saturday 6 April 1895
Good Beer House - £20 - eight rooms, kitchen, large tap room,low rent, under good brewers, discount pays expenses.
Duke of Devonshire, High Street


High Street

“King’s Arms Tavern”

Hampshire Chronicle : Monday 18 November 1776

Claret : For sale by auction, without reserve, at the King’s Arms tavern in High Street, on Tuesday the 19th inst., a considerable quantity, bright, found and well flavoured ; will be sold in Lots of three, four or five dozen, at the option of the purchasers.  Samples will be produced at the place and time for sale.  To begin at eleven o’clock.

For particulars, apply to J Tucker, Auctioneer.

Hampshire Chronicle : Monday 9 November 1778

Peter Coveney, of the Kings Arms Inn, being desirous of accommodating in the most genteel and commodious manner those who have, or may honour him with their company, hath lately purchased that well known and capital Inn, The Fountain, in the High Street, being the house adjoining, which he has fitted up in a neat and elegant manner, and begs leave to assure the Nobility, Gentry and Others, that profit and emolument shall ever be a subordinate consideration with him to that of seeing his guests perfectly satisfied with their accommodation and treatment, and on this foundation and principle, and no ther, does he presume to solicit and hope for their notice and encouragement.  NB Neat Post Chaises &c.

Hampshire Chronicle : Monday 8 May 1786

A subscription coffee room, was this day opened, at the King’s Arms Inn, in this town, which, from its eligible and convenient situation, and the respectable number of subscribers, already engaged, it is hoped will meet with encouragement

Hampshire Chronicle : Monday 9 July 1787

King’s Arms Inn, Portsmouth

Peter Coveney respectfully informs the Nobility, Gentry and his friends in general, that he has again neatly fitted up the above Inn, where such as may be pleased to honour him with their respective countenance, may be assured of genteel accommodations, and on the most reasonable terms.

N.B. Commodious and roomy coach house, with good stall stables.  Neat Post Chaises &c..  Fine old port at 2s a bottle, and other wines in  proportion


High Street

“Prince of Wales’ Club”

1861 Census

Benjamin Church : House Steward : 39 yrs

Elizabeth S : 38 yrs

Mary Davis : Servant : 55 yrs

Thomas Smith : 19 months


High Street

“Sally Port Hotel”

Portsmouth Evening News : Tuesday 29 November 1949
Sally Port Hotel, High Street
A Fine Old Period House Provided with Every Modern Convenience
Open to Non-Residents     Fully Licensed
Noted for Cuisine and Service
Special Terms to Permanent Residents and to Serving Officers


High Street “The Marquis of Grandby”

Hampshire Chronicle : Monday 11 April 1791
Whereas one William Dumont sometimes since left, at the house of Henry Starkey, being the Marquis of Grandby, in the High Street, Portsmouth, in the County of Southampton, a Camera Obscura, and sundry other optical instruments.  This is therefore to give him, the said William Dumont, notice, that if he does not on or before Monday, the 25th day of April, 1791, take away the same, and pay the debt he has incurred, the same will be sold by Mr James Drake, at eleven o’clock in the forenoon of that day, by public auction at the above mentioned house.


High Street

“The Three Tuns”

Salisbury and Winchester Journal : Monday 26 June 1780
To be sold by auction, in separate lots, on Thursday the 29th day of June, 1780, between the hours of five and six o’clock in the afternoon, at the house of Mr Harward, known by the sign of the the Three Tons, in High Street, (unless disposed of by private contract, of which public notice will be given).
Lot 1 : That large commodious dwelling house, with the yard, outhouses, and covenient storehouses behind the same, desirably situated for any business, on the west side of Oyster Street, in Portsmouth aforesaid, late in the occupation of Mr John Woolls, deceased.  NB  The storehouse opens into White hart Row, near the Town Quay, and has a very large tank or cistern for rain water under the same.
Lot 2 : Two tenements and a storehouse, late a blacksmith’s shop, adjoining southwards to Lot 1, now in the several occupations of Mr Ryant, Mr Peates and Mr Humphreys.
Lot 3 : That well situated Storehouse, with two floors over the same, adjoining, and at present converted into and used as a tap-house and chambers to the White Hart public house, in White Hart Row aforesaid, now in the occupation of Mr Dowling, or his under tenants.
Lot 4 : That large and commodious storehouse, in Oyster Street aforesaid, at present in the occupation of Messrs Collins and Co, carriers.


High Street

“Victoria Tavern”

1871 Census

James Barniertt : Licensed Victualler : 32 yrs

Emma : 36 yrs

James : 7 yrsJ

John : 4 yrs

Arthur : 2 months


High Street

“York & Pier Hotel”

1861 Census

“York & Pier Hotel”

John Dickenson : Hotel Keeper : 56 yrs

Anne : 56 yrs

John : 23 yrs

Alice Deake : Barmaid : 15 yrs

Victoria Taylor : General Servant : 26 yrs

William Saunders : : Boots : 15 yrs

Cottrill Megginson : Retired Chemist : 77 yrs

Caroline : 71 yrs

Hannah Stephens : 19 yrs

Hampshire Advertiser : Saturday 10 April 1869

Alphonso Koch, 19, and Edward Smith, 26, waiters, were charged with breaking and entering the premises of Mr John Grant, of the “York and Pier Hotel” High Street, and stealing $ 10s, a Meerschaum pipe and case, one bottle of whisky, one bottle of brandy, 3 lbs of cigars,and one pair of silver sugar tongs, together the value of £7 4s, the property of the said John Grant, on the 4th of March, 1869.  Smith was sentenced to nine months and Koch to six months.

1911 Census

Annie Gibbs : Manageress of Licensed House : 43 yrs

William Austin : Head Cellar Man, Wines & Spirits : 23 yrs

Frederick : Seaman, RN : 19 yrs

Herbert Walworth Ward : Civil Servant, Post Office Clerk : 42 yrs

Nellie : 40 yrs