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Between 46 & 47 on north side

of Warblington Street

Hampshire Telegraph : Saturday 22 July 1854

John Stacey was charged with wilfully breaking two panes of glass of a house, in the occupation of Elizabeth Hanson, Albion Court.  Ordered to pay 1s 3d damage and 9s costs, or seven days imprisonment with hard labour.  He went below.

Hampshire Telegraph : Saturday 15 January 1859

John Goodman, a gunner of the Royal Artillery, pleaded guilty to a charge  of stealing a purse, containing eight pawn tickers, the property of Mary Ann Brooks, a prostitute, in whose apartment he was on Tuesday last in Albion Court.  He had sold some of the tickets.  He was sentenced to three months imprisonment with hard labour.

Albion Court: Text

1 Albion Court

1861 Census

Emma James : Milliner & Dressmaker : 22 yrs

Elizabeth Main : 26 yrs

Jane Knight : Domestic Servant 26 yrs

Charles Gale : Bricklayer : 25 yrs

Hampshire Telegraph : Saturday 5 June 1886

Patrick Welsh, 24, of 1 Albion Court, was charged with violently assaulting Rebecca Clancy, of 19 St Paul’s Square, by striking her on the back with a brick or stone in Upper Grigg Street on June 3rd.  John Clancy, husband of the injured woman, said he and his wife and a young man were passing through Warblington Street when prisoner came up and struck him without provocation.  The police interfered, and the parties proceeded homeward.  When in Grigg Street, prisoner threw at witness.  He ducked and then prisoner threw a second stone or brick, which struck his wife in the back.  Dr Hann said that the wound was somewhat dangerous, and he could not foresee the result, but if it continued to go on all right, prosecutrix would be able to attend in a week’s time, and prisoner was remanded for a week.

1871 Census

Mary A Merryfield : 33 yrs

Albion Court: Text

2 Albion Court

1861 Census

Eliza Steer : Dressmaker : 17 yrs

Emily Sherriff : Domestic Servant : 21 yrs

Martha Tibe : Spinster : 23 yrs

1871 Census

Elizabeth Browne : 23 yrs

Albion Court: Text

3 Albion Court

1861 Census

Lucy Varinder : Domestic Servant : 18 yrs

Jane Miller : Dressmaker : 25 yrs

Lydia Prior : Dressmaker : 23 yrs

1871 Census

Elizabeth Stevens : 27 yrs

Emma Cox : 28 yrs

Evelyn Rowlands : 19 yrs

John T Pellman : Soldier : 24 yrs

Albion Court: Text

4 Albion Court

1861 Census

Mary A Andrews : Stay Maker :  24 yrs

Julia Bird : Dressmaker : 23 yrs

Albion Court: Text
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