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Broad Street

Newcastle Courant : Monday 19 January 1713

The men lately discharged from Her Majesty’s ships the Arundel, Chatham, Ruby, Roebuck and Tartar, for reducing them the a middle complement, are to be paid off at the Pay-Office in Broad Street

King James’ Gate near White Hart Road

Hampshire Chronicle : Monday 14 November 1774

To be sold by auction, by order of Mr Thomas Hampton, the surviving assignee of the estate and effects of Sir Thomas Ridge, Knight, a Bankrupt, deceased, on Wednesday, the 23rd day of November next, at six o’clock in the evening, at the Vine Tavern, in Oyster Street, Portsmouth.

Lot 1 : A ground rent of five pounds per annum, issuing out of two houses on the south side of St Thomas’s street (nos 39 and 40) together with the reversion of the said houses in fee, at the expiration of the present lease.

Lot 4 : A public house called the ‘Europa’, situated in Broad Street, on the Point of Portsmouth, heretofore in the occupation of Francis Carnall, and now of Nathaniel Graves.

Lot 5 : A public house called ‘The Roe-Buck’, situated in Broad Street, of Portsmouth aforesaid, hereto in the occupation of Redman King, and now Evan Williams.

Hampshire Chronicle : Monday 29 May 1775

A Prime Situation for a Hat Maker

To be lett, at midsummer next, for the remaining term of five years, a good dwelling house and warehouses, undeniably situated for any business, in Broad Street, on the Point, now fared up in a complete manner for the business of a Hat Maker.  Any person of the trade will not only be let in on easy terms, but succeed to a very good business.  Enquire of the present tenant, who is retiring from trade.

Also now selling at and under prime cost, with an allowance of five per cent discount to shopkeepers, the remaining part of the stock, consisting of mens and boys castor and felt hats, hat trimmings, &c.,and two gross of London turn’d blocks, with several other articles.

There has been 400 and 500 old hats dyed and turn’d yearly in the above shop. 

Hampshire Chronicle : Monday 17 April 1786

Broad Street

Thomas Sharp begs leave to inform his friends and the public, that in consequence of his agreement subsisting between and Mr Higgins, he ha laid in a large and elegant assortment of the the most fashionable goods in the Mercery, Drapery, Hosiery, and Haberdashery business, which he will sell on the lowest terms.  He also attended the sale of the late Mr Higgins’s stock and bought a considerable quantity of goods in the above branches, by which he is enabled to sell many articles much under their original cost, particularly muffins, dimities, muffinettes, loom quiltings, prints, silks, thread, and cotton stockings, and a quantity of very fine napkins that has been used at his Majesty’s table &c.

Hampshire Chronicle : Monday 1 August 1791

To be sold by auction, on Thursday, the 4th day of August next, at six o’clock in the evening, on the premises, (unless sold by private contract, of which prior notice will be given), A capital and new built public house, situated near the beach, on the east side of Broad Street, on the Point of Portsmouth.

The situation of this house is commanding, and admirable for business; it contains on the ground floor in front, an excellent bar, a tap room, 14 feet by 16 feet 3 inches, and a handsome parlour, 11 feet by 11 feet;  on the first storey, three bed-chambers, 14 feet 6 inches by 11 feet each;  on the second storey, also three chambers, 14 feet 6 inches by by 10 feet 3 inches each, together with an open and commodious Court behind the house, and detached kitchen and offices; the kitchen is 12 feet 8 inches by 13 feet, adjoining to which are two very capital cellars;  over the kitchen and cellars is a large and commodious room, measuring 27 feet by 17 feet, most pleasantly situated at point in prospect, commanding a view of the Dockyard, Gunwharf, great part of the harbour &c., &c., and calculated for a dining-room or club room.  There is also a most excellent storeroom, 32 feet by 13 feet, which has a communication with the water for boats &c..

For further particulars, apply to Mr Tobias Conway, Mercer, Half-Moon Street, on Portsmouth Common, the proprietor; or to Messrs Bettesworth and Grant, Attorneys at Law, College Street, Portsmouth Common aforesaid.

Royal Cornwall Gazette : Saturday 6 January 1816

On Sunday week, a dreadful fire broke out in the house of Mr How, Broad Street on the Point, Portsmouth, which raged with the greatest fury for a considerable time.  The house and the store  of Mr How were entirely consumed, together with two or three houses in Seagur’s Court.  Mr Heather’s office, and Mr Jubber’s shop, were in such imminent danger, that they were completely stripped.

Assistance was afforded with the utmost alacrity, and owing to the great exertions of the Royal Engineers, Royal Marines, 66th Regiment, and other military, together with many inhabitants, Mr Knott’s brewhouse, and Mr Smith’s shop, as well as several other houses, which were, at one time, actually on fire, were got out of danger, and the fire extinguished.

Hampshire Chronicle : Monday 20 October 1823

Died on Saturday last, aged 25 years, Miss Hicks, of the Navy Post office, Broad Street.

Hampshire Chronicle : Monday 21 April 1828

A siezure of 32 pieces (2050 yds) of French silk was made by Stansfield, of the Customs, on Tuesday night in a waggon-office in Broad Street

Salisbury and Winchester Journal : Monday 12 November 1838

Mr Bayley, a respectable grocer, in Broad Street, appeared on Tuesday to answer a complaint made by a woman named Alice Melville, but better known in the town by the cognomen of “Queen Anne” for having, on Friday, thrown a quantity of  blood from a pail on her, and on the following Monday washed her with a bucket of water.  This complaint Mr Bayley fully admitted, but stated he was compelled to take the law into his own hands, from the constant annoyance he had experienced from this virago for the last fifteen months, she having been in the habit of almost daily walking opposite his door, and insulting his family and customers.  The magistrates bound him over to answer the complaint at the Sessions.  “Her Majesty” was then placed at the bar, charged with insulting Miss Wilkinson, a resident of Mr Bayley’s family, threatening to “do for her” and using vile and disgraceful language, and not being provided with two persons to be bound for her good behaviour, in the sum of £10, to answer this complaint at the Sessions, she was consigned to the custody of Mr Hunt, the gaoler.  The people at the Point are quite rejoiced of being rid of this pest for the next two months.  The miserable creature is a dwarf in size, but a giant in loquacity and venom ; her tongue is a continual dropping.  She makes it a point to insult ladies, by following them, and talking at them, and has hitherto displayed great ingenuity in evading a breach of the peace; but on Monday last, “Her Majesty” overstepped  her customary plan, and was instantly secured, and made an example of.

Shipping andMercantile Gazette : Thursday 29 June 1843

To ship agents and ship chandlers, to be let, an old established business in the above line in Broad Street, the proprietor being about to retire.

Messrs Robinson and Son, Auctioneers, Broad Street.

Hampshire Advertiser : Saturday 19 August 1843

Infant School

It is satisfactory to know that an institution of this kind, so long and grievously wanted, is about to be established in Broad Street.  Infant schools are of great importance.  They interfere with no other schools, but merely train up children to be ready for the instruction which others afford.

Hampshire Advertiser : Saturday 13 June 1846

John Rayner, residing in Broad Street, Allen’s Fields, was charged by his wife with assaulting her in the public streets, on Monday, the 1st instant.  The evidence adduced by the husband in this case turned the tables, it appearing therefrom that the wife was the aggressor, having met him the street and repeatedly struck him before he returned the blow.  Major Travers said it was clear the complainant had commenced the assault, although it was an unmanly act in a husband to strike his wife.  He would recommend that the defendant allowed her a maintenance, or he would  probably be brought before the Bench for refusing to support her.  Defendant - I am willing, and have offered to do so.

Hampshire Advertiser : Saturday 13 February 1847

Death : On the 10th instant, in Broad Street, Mr Philip Dugdall, aged 62.

Hampshire Advertiser : Saturday 7 August 1847

Death : On the 31st ult, rather suddenly, Mary Ann, the beloved wife of Mr George Emery, of Broad Street, aged 27

Hampshire Telegraph : Saturday 7 October 1848

Ann Kelly, a young girl of 16, was charged with behaving in a riotous manner between one and two o’clock this morning in Broad Street.  She was convicted and judgement suspended.

Hampshire Advertiser : Saturday 27 October 1849

Death : On the 24th inst., in Broad Street, highly respected as an old reputable inhabitant, Mrs Sophia Burridge, widow of the late Mr Joseph Burridge, heretofore ship-chandler &c., in her 80th year

Portsmouth Times and Naval Gazette : Saturday 31 July 1869

Elizabeth O’Brien, a middle aged woman, was charged with uttering three counterfeit half-crowns on Wednesday last.  Clara Tollervey, living with her brother, a butcher (No 19), said that on Wednesday last the prisoner went into the shop and asked for some cheap pieces of meat.  Witness served her with as much as came to 9d, and the prisoner tendered a half-crown, for which she received change.  After the prisoner was gone witness found it was bad and then gave it up to the police.  She did not recollect ever having seen the prisoner before.  The half-crown produced was the same.  Angelina Boxall, wife of Charles Boxall, painter, living at 13 Broad Street said that on Wednesday the prisoner went into her father’s greengrocer’s shop, and bought some plums for which she tendered half-a-crown.  She went to a public house, a few doors off and got change there from a cabman, but as witness was going away he called her and said he did not like the look of it.  He then bent it and found that it was bad.  She immediately went back and on her way saw a policeman to whom she gave the half-crown, and he apprehended the prisoner.  The coin produced was the same.  Mary King, a single woman, living with her family, who keeps a beerhouse in St Thomas’s Street, said that on Wednesday the prisoner went to the house and called for a glass of ale, and tendered a half-crown for which she gave her change.  She afterwards found it was bad and put it away. The coin produced was the one, as she had marked it.  Pc Knight was on duty in Broad Street, on the day in question, and he apprehended the prisoner from information received from Mrs Boxall.  On going to the police station prisoner said the half-crowns had been given to her by some man.  At the station she was searched.  Two of the half-crowns produced were given to witness the next day by the preceding witnesses.  Mr Joseph Ogburn, of Green Row, was shown the half-crowns which were not all the same date, and they were spurious.  The prisoner was then remanded for eight days in order to enable the police to communicate with the authorities at the Mint. 

Fife Herald : Thursday 21 November 1872

The death of the wife of a carter named Curtiss, living in Broad Street, occurred on Sunday morning, under shocking circumstances.  her husband, it appears, was absent, but in the same house was her son, who not hearing any sound in his mother’s room, went there and found the body of the deceased in the fireplace, her head and arms being consumed by the fire, and the other arm nearly burnt away.  The chest and upper part of the back were also fearfully injured.  Deceased had intended to take her breakfast alone, and it is thought she was about to fill the teapot when she was seized with a fit and thus fell into the fire.  She was fifty years of age, and when last seen alive was in good health.

Hampshire Telegraph : Saturday 20 April 1901

Beef Stage - A name given to the public landing stage in Broad Street

Fisherman’s Row - A row of small tenements about 150 feet in length, situated in the middle of Broad Street, nearly opposite the old “Blue Posts”.  They were called the “Middle Houses”

Point Gate - (Otherwise King James’s Gate) until recent years stood at the south end of Broad Street, close to White Hart Road.

Wynerd’s Point - The end of Broad Street, from which the Floating Bridge now starts.

Portsmouth Evening News : Friday 16 September 1932

Death : Barber - Edward John Barber, late of Gosport, passed away peacefully at his sister’s residence, Broad Street, aged 77 years

Broad Street: Welcome

1 Broad Street

Hampshire Telegraph : Monday 21 October 1799

Portsmouth Point, to be sold by auction, by Mr Collins, at the Blue Posts Inn, Broad Street, on Friday, the 25th instant, at seven o’clock in the evening, all that capital freehold estate, situate at the entrance of Broad Street, being No 1, opposite the Old Sally Port.

Comprising a large commodious shop, with two parlours on the ground floor, a capital drawing-room, with two good bed chambers and a dressing room on the first floor, and three good bedrooms in the attic, a large good kitchen, with a storehouse over the same, and a stage of the back thereof (adjoining the Camber), which vessels of easy draught can come up to at high water, a paved court yard, with numerous other conveniences, now in the occupation of Mr Harding, the proprietor : containing in front 30 feet, and in depth about 75 feet, exclusive of the stage, which is lease-hold under the Corporation of Portsmouth, and is undeniably one of the best situations for trade, and calculated for almost any business in Portsmouth in the mercantile or other line.  Possession of which will be given in one month from the sale, if required.

For a view of the same, and particulars, apply on the premises, and to the Auctioneer, Union Street of Portsea.

Hampshire Chronicle : Monday 6 May 1816

Cheap and fashionable clothing for spring : J Keet & Co, No 1 Broad Street, adjoining the bridge, Point, Portsmouth, respectfully acquaint the inhabitants of Portsmouth, and towns adjacent, they are returned from London, having purchased a prime assortment of cloths, Kerseymeres, Cords, Quiltings, India Nankeen, &c., of the best quality and most prevailing colors.

A handsome suit of the best superfine cloth (Mame-look trousers,) made to measure, for £5 18s and at a day’s notice.

Irish linens, sheetings, striped cottons, American cloths, Ticks, 4-4ths carpeting &c., of the most approved manufacture.

A variety of ready-made clothing, Bedding &c..

Keet & Co buy and sell for ready money, consequently can charge such prices will be found well worthy the attention of the public.

1851 Census

George Elkins : Dealer In Curiosities : 59 yrs

Thomascar : 58 yrs

Matilda : 28 yrs

Edna : 26 yrs

Julian : Dealer in Curiosities : 24 yrs

Charles : Dealer in Curiosities : 22 yrs

Emma : 18 yrs

Adolphus : 17 yrs

1861 Census

James Herbert : Dealer in Furniture : 39 yrs

Emma : 32 yrs

Fanny Lewis : 15 yrs

John : 12 yrs

Lawrence : 9 yrs

Emma Herbert : 4 yrs

Walter : 2 yrs

Matthew : under 1 month

John Badger : Corporal, Royal Artillery : 36 yrs

Margaret : 36 yrs

James : 12 yrs

Robert : 9 yrs

Ellen J : 3 yrs

Charles Davy : Royal Marine Artillery : 27 yrs

Sarah : 27 yrs

James A : 6 yrs

Sarah Coombs : 11 yrs

Charles A Davy : 4 yrs

James Ogburn : Butcher : 36 yrs

Matilda : 31 yrs

Frederick : 6 yrs

Henry : 6 yrs

Henry Fand : Shoemaker : 39 yrs

Lucy : 51 yrs

Louisa : Servant : 14 yrs

John Paine : Slater : 19 yrs

Henry : General Labourer : 16 yrs

William Moore : Hotel Waiter : 35 yrs

Ellen : 27 yrs

Ellen E : 3 yrsWilliam J : 1 yr

1871 Census 


1881 Census

Mary Hewitt : Sailor’s Wife : 29 yrs

John : 8 yrs

George : 3 yrs

Frank : 1 yr

Jessaline Patterson : 69 yrs

Thomas : House Painter : 34 yrs

Frances : Dressmaker : 30 yrs

Jessaline : Dressmaker : 32 yrs

1891 Census

John T Read : Ship Builder : 39 yrs

Margaret C : 39 yrs

Margaret L : 5 yrs

Dorothy A : 4 yrs

Ethel J : 2 yrs

Sarah A Gardner : General servant : 22 yrs

Alberta Luke : Nurse : 23 yrs

Sophia Hutchings : Licensed Victualler : 69 yrs

Henry J Butcher : Waterman : 50 yrs

Eliza J : 39 yrs

Henry J : Waterman : 21 yrs

Richard Gumtrell : Carman : 29 yrs

John Amor : Army Pensioner : 75 yrs

Frederick Moores : Stableman : 29 yrs

Kate E : 27 yrs

Charles F : 4 yrs

Ada S : 2 yrs

Ernest W : 3 months

1901 Census

Daniel R Holdaway : Foreman, Tramway Stables : 35 yrs

Emily M : 34 yrs

Lillie : General Servant : 14 yrs

Ruben : 13 yrs

Robert : 10 yrs

Albert : 4 yrs

1911 Census

Tram Stables

A W Burnett : Carman : 24 yrs

E Ellen : 27 yrs

Portsmouth Evening News : Friday 21 September 1923

Augustus William Burnett, Old Tram Stables, Broad Street, drove a charabanc at a speed over 16 miles an hour in Green Lane, Hambledon, on September 12, and, there being a previous conviction for a like offence, he was now fined £7

Portsmouth Evening News : Saturday 30 March 1929

For Sale by Auction : Formerly the Tramway Stables and Car Sheds, 1 Broad Street.  This property, which is admirably suitable for conversion into lock-up garages, warehouse or factory premises, comprises brick built stable, with flat of four rooms over, large stores, car shed with corrugated iron and slate roof with skylights.  The property possesses a frontage to Broad Street of 54 ft, and a return frontage of 103 ft 9 ins to Tower Street with a frontage of 31 ft 6 ins to Tower Street in the rear and will be sold with vacant possession upon completion of purchase.  Plans may be seen at the offices of the Auctioneers.

Portsmouth Evening News : Tuesday 26 July 1932

The Wyllie Memorial Studio

No 1 Broad Street

Open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 3 to 6

Entrance ……6d

Floating Bridge Trams stop by Request

Broad Street: Welcome

2 Broad Street

Hampshire Telegraph : Monday 30 November 1835

Mr Cook begs most respectfully to announce, that he has received instructions to sell by auction, on the premises, No 2 Broad Street, on Wednesday, the 2nd of December 1835, and the following day, at eleven o’clock each day, all the excellent well selected stock and silver plate and best plated articles.

1851 Census

Empty House

1861 Census

Edward Cross : Painter : 50 yrs

Elizabeth : 52 yrs

Elizabeth A : 23 yrs

Sarah H : 20 yrs

Mary L : 17 yrs

1871 Census

Edward Cross : Painter, Master emp 5 men : 60 yrs

Sarah : 30 yrs

Mary : 27 yrs

1911 Census

William James Meades : Caretaker & General Ship Hand : 62 yrs

(born 28 Jan 1849, bapt 4 Apr 1849 at St Thomas’s, Father William / Mother Susan;

1851 living parents at 2 Waterworks lane Portsea; 

1861 living with grandmother Mary A Meades, Victualler, at “Three Tunns”, East St;

1870 Married Susan

1872 Issued with Masters Certificate on 19 June at Portsmouth

1881 living at 39 Upper Church Path Portsea, 32 yrs Merchant Master Mariner; 

1891 living at 46 Rivers St, Portsea, mariner; 

1901 living at 12 Somers Rd, 53 yr old merchant seaman; 

died June 1925)

Martha : 62 yrs

Dorothy May : 6 yrs

Portsmouth Evening News : Saturday 4 May 1912

Wednesday, June 5th, 1912 at 7 o’clock.  Important sale of substantially constructed freehold residence in the old town of Portsmouth, with store and wharf on the Inner Camber.  King and King are in receipt of instructions from Mr J Read on the termination of the Corporation Lease for the shipping yard to sell by auction No 2 Broad Street, arranged with hall, two reception and 5 good bedrooms, etc., together with the extensive boat building store of 2 floors, and covered yard forming a wharf opening into the Inner Camber.  Messrs Cousins & Burbidge, Solicitors, 88 St Thomas’s Street.

Broad Street: Welcome

3 Broad Street

1851 Census

Elizabeth Taylor : Victualler : 46 yrs

Edward : 7 yrs

Elizabeth : 5 yrs

Mark Barron : Waterman : 22 yrs

George Lane : Labourer : 26 yrs

Sarah S Woodford : 23 yrs

Portsmouth Times and Naval Gazette : Saturday 21 February 1852

Death : At the “Arethusa Tavern” Broad Street, on the 14th inst, Elizabeth, relict of the late Mr Edward Taylor, aged 48.



Ann Thompson : Victualler : 64 yrs

Elizabeth Davidson : 35 yrs

Henry W : Master’s Assistant RN : 16 yrs

Thomas Heather : Day Labourer : 43 yrs

James : Day Labourer : 45 yrs

Henry James : Watchmaker : 26 yrs

Mary : 26 yrs

Henry T : 7 months

1871 Census 

 “Arethua & Circe”

Mary Bailey : Merchant Seaman’s Wife : 25 yrs

Sarah : 2 yrs

Henry : 9 months

Kate Stockwell : 16 yrs

1881 Census 

 “Coach & Horses”

Sophia Hutchings : Landlady, Beer Retailer : 56 yrs

Henry J Butcher : Waterman : 40 yrs

Sophia J : 29 yrs

Henry J : 10 yrs

Winifred S : 8 yrs

Richard Gumbrell : Tram Car Stableman : 20 yrs

Thomas Langrish : Stableman : 50 yrs

Cottage at rear of No 3 :

John Martin : Waterman : 74 yrs

Martha : 76 yrs

Wednesday 21 June 1882

William Hallett, seaman, of West Street, was summoned for being drunk and refusing to quit the Arethusa and Circe,

Broad Street on the 15th inst.  Fined £1 3s 6d, including costs.

1901 Census

Sophia Hutchings : Retired Publican : 78 yrs

Eliza Butchers : 49 yrs

Henry J : : Boatman, Barge : 60 yrs

Henry J : Boatman : 30 yrs

Georgina : 25 yrs

Emma B : 5 yrs

Helena : 5 yrs

Henry J : 4 yrs

William A : 8 months

Elizabeth : 12 yrs

1911 Census

Henry John Butcher : Mariner : 40 yrs

Georgina : 35 yrs

Helena : Apprentice Dressmaker : 15 yrs

William : 10 yrs

May : 7 yrs

Harold : 3 yrs

Eliza : 59 yrs

Emma : Apprentice Tailoress : 15 yrs

Portsmouth Evening News : Saturday 18 August 1923

On Wednesday, 5th September, 1923, King and King will sell by auction, 3 Broad Street.  Solicitors, Messrs Larcome and Winter, 89 Commercial Road.

Broad Street: About

4 Broad Street

Hampshire Telegraph : Saturday 12 June 1847

The Zephyr, steam ship, Captain Beer, leaves London every Friday at eight o’clock in the morning calling at Portsmouth, on Saturday at ten o’clock, Cowes at eleven, for Weymouth, Topsham and Torquay, and returns every Tuesday, calling at Portsmouth on Wednesday morning.  For particulars of fares and freights enquire of Wheeler and Hatch, 4 Broad Street.  Agents to the Atlas Fire and Life Company.

Thursday 20 March 1851

The Brunswick Steam Packet, William Harvey, Commander, will leave Portsmouth for Torquay and Plymouth, calling at Southampton every Friday at half past two o’clock pm; and Plymouth to Torquay, Southampton, and Portsmouth, Thursdays at one, pm weather permitting.  

Agents; Wheeler and Hatch, 4 Broad Street, agents to the Atlas Fire and Life Office

1851 Census

Robert Hatch : Agent “Steam Packet” : 49 yrs

1802  25 Jan, born, St Thomas’s;

1825 24 Dec married Rebecca Compton Wheeler at St Thomas’s;

Rebecca : 44 yrs

Mary : 23 yrs

Rebecca : 22 yrs

Amelia : 20 yrs

Emma : 3 yrs

Mary Wheeler : Wife’s Mother : 67 yrs

1861 Census

Rebecca C Hatch : Steam Packet Agent : 54 yrs

Mary J : Daily Governess : 33 yrs

Rebecca W : 31 yrs

Emma E : 13 yrs

1871 Census

Joseph E Harris : Shipping Agent : 39 yrs

Amelia M : 40 yrs

Amelia M : 10 yrsJ

Jane Hatch : Supported by Relatives : 79 yrs

Amelia : House Owner : 65 yrs

Emily Springer : Servant : 22 yrs

Emma Neal : Servant : 19 yrs

1901 Census

Annie Bond : Living on Own Means : 35 yrs

George F : Foreman of Steam Engineering : 26 yrs

Alice Whyte : General Servant : 30 yrs

William Read : Ship Builder : 47 yrs

Dore’s Court Here

1911 Census

William Read : Ship Builder : 57 yrs

Annie Caroline : 44 yrs

Annie Elizabeth Hope : Cook : 31 yrs

Grace Macgregor : Housemaid : 19 yrs

Portsmouth Evening News : Tuesday 21 May 1940

Yachts Boats etc

For sale - 10ft three quarter decked Bermudian Sailing Dinghy;  £32

Apply: G A Feltham, 4 Broad Street

Broad Street: Welcome

5 Broad Street

1851 Census

George Pitt : Eating House Keeper : 34 yrs

Sarah : 36 yrs

Harriet Goddard : Servant : 21 yrs

Portsmouth Times and Naval Gazette : Saturday 4th December 1858

Lots for auction near the site of the contemplated new Docks.

Lot 1 - The Neptune and Mars (near the floating Bridge

Lot 2 - King of Prussia

Lot 3 -Dwelling house with shop adjoining 13 Broad Street, in the occupation of Mr Gander

1861 Census

Sarah Pitt : Lodging & Eating House : 47 yrs

Mary Elloitt : 6 yrs

George Lloyd : General Dealer : 37 yrs

Ellen : 25 yrs

Henry Appleby : Merchant captain : 45 yrs

Mary : 40 yrs

William H : 10 yrs

John Hogg : Wine & Spirit Traveller : 56 yrs

Mary Thorn : Household Servant : 18 yrs

Elizabeth Palmer : Household Servant : 17 yrs

Joseph Douglas : Watchmaker : 56 yrs

Edmund : Watchmaker : 22 yrs

Henry Morey : Armourer : 52 yrs

James Burton : Armourer : 27 yrs

1871 Census

Elizabeth Dore : Grocer, Master : 67 yrs

Emma : 18 yrs

Broad Street: About

6 Broad Street

1861 Census

William Dore : Grocer : 48 yrs

1871 442 Commercial Rd, Alderman of the Borough of Portsmouth

Elizabeth : 53 yrs


1871 Census

Samuel Elliott : Miller’s Clerk : 21 yrs

Caroline : 19 yrs

Joseph Easton : Glass Blower : 42 yrs

Mary A : 42 yrs

Arthur : Teacher of Music : 19 yrs

David : Labourer ; 17 yrs

Mary McGuinness : Servant : 26 yrs

Rachel Casavant : Dressmaker : 31 yrs

Benjamin Carter : Shipwright : 45 yrs

Emma : Dressmaker : 19 yrs

James : Shipwright’s Apprentice : 15 yrs

Henry : 8 yrs

George : 6 yrs

1881 Census

Harry G Morris : House & Yacht Decorator : 40 yrs

Sarah J : 40 yrs

Lucy M A : 17 yrs

George P H : Plumber’s Apprentice : 16 yrs

Albert Edward : 12 yrs

John H : 10 yrs

Henry : 7 yrs

Alfred : 2 yrs

Hampshire Telegraph : Saturday 2 August 1890

Mr Thomas King (of the firm King and King), is instructed to sell by auction, at an early date, in lots, the following ;

6 Broad Street.

1891 Census

Harry G Morris : Printer & Decorator : 50 yrs

Sarah J : 50 yrs

George H : Plumber : 27 yrs

Albert E : Plumber ; 21 yrs

John H : Butcher : 19 yrs

Harry : Brewery Boy : 17 yrs

Alfred : 13 yrs

William : 10 yrs

Daisy B : 4 yrs

William Leverett : Waterman : 55 yrs

Ann : 51 yrs

1901 Census

Harry G Morris : Plumber & Decorator : 60 yrs

Sarah J : 59 yrs

Albert E : Painter, House : 32 yrs

John H : Sawyer : 29 yrs

Alfred J : Labourer, general : 20 yrs

Daisy B : 13 yrs

Broad Street: About

7 Broad Street

1861 Census

Henry Allen : Licensed Waterman : 40 yrs

1881 & 1891 living at 2 Bathing Lane, waterman

Amy : 36 yrs

Amy J : 13 yrs

James Tait : Sailmaker : 22 yrs

Helen : 21 yrs

Eleanor : 1 yr

George Coote : Pilot : 34 yrs

Jane : 28 yrs

George : 2 yrs

John : 3 months

Edwin Humphries : Merchant Mariner : 18 yrs

John Barnes : Tobacconist : 54 yrs

Sarah : 56 yrs

Martha A : Stay Maker : 20 yrs

Mary M : 16 yrs

William H Hewett : Steward RN : 23 yrs

1871 Census

William Mar : Dockyard Labourer : 35 yrs

Martha : Mangle Woman : 27 yrs

William : 9 yrs

Ellen : 7 yrs

Sarah : 5 yrs

Alice : 3 yrs

Martha : 1 yr

Samuel Young : Navy Pensioner : 63 yrs

Jane : 57 yrs

Horatio Chegwin : Ships Captain, RN : 27 yrs

Emily : 23 yrs

Lavinia : 6 yrs

Emily : 1 yr

Elizabeth Poole : Washerwoman : 25 yrs

Broad Street: Welcome

8 Broad Street

Portsmouth Times and Naval Gazette : Saturday 6 May 1865

The Portsmouth Engineering, Foundry and Smiths’ Works

8 Broad Street

Loe, Tout & Company Proprietors

Agricultural Implements, and Machinery of every description, Carriage Patent Axletree, Spring and bolt manufacturers and exporters.  Ships and general Smiths

Portsmouth Times and Naval News : Saturday 16 May 1868

Portsmouth Engineering Works

8 Broad Street

Messrs Wynn and Co having purchased the business lately carried on by Messrs Loe, Tout and Co., at the above works, and added to the already extensive machinery several of the most modern improvements, are now in a position to manufacture Steam Engines, Boilers, and every kind of machinery, in the shortest possible time and at London prices.  Their stock of patterns being also greatly increased from the purchase of the entire Plant and Business of Mr J Baldy, of the Swan Foundry, Landport, they are enabled to execute all descriptions of castings on the shortest notice.

Mr Wynn, having had many years experience in machinery, is thereby enabled to advise intending purchasers, so as to effect a considerable saving on their first outlay.

Messrs W & Co direct attention also to the Patent Overhead Traveller, recently invented by Mr Wynn, and which has been highly approved by Mr Brassey, the eminent contractor; Mr Murdoch, of her Majesty’s Dockyard; and Mr Barton of the same.

N.B. - Coach Builders’ attention is called to the fact that all axle work is done on the premises by experienced workmen.

 Portsmouth Times and Naval Gazette : Saturday 16 December 1871

Herbert Vosper : 

Portsmouth Engineering Works

8 & 9 Broad Street 

Is pleased to announce that now having completed his new premises and fitted it up with the most approved machinery he hopes to have a still further proof of the public favour which he has enjoyed for the last four years.

He has fitted all kinds of brewery machinery, and has received the most flattering testimonials as to high-class workmanship and good effects produced at low price.

Horizontal Engines, with turned fly-wheels, brass feed pumps, bright governors, and fitted with the best material and workmanship, from £14

Several engines now in progress, and intending purchasers are invited to inspect them

Steam Boilers at equally low prices

H V has made special arrangements, to supply castings of best iron at low rates.  A stock of pulleys and cylinder castings.  The trade supplied.

H V has special facilities for the manufacture and repairs of steam boats, which can come up to the back of his factory through the inner Camber

Boiler making and smith’s work of every description

Saw and flour mills, printing works, pumping stations &c., fitted with approved machinery

Patentee and maker of the new steam pump

Illustrated catalogue of machinery on application

1871 Census 


1881 Census

James Webb : Licensed Victualler : 40 yrs

Clara ; 36 yrs

Herbert : 5 yrs

1891 Census

James Webb : Licensed Victualler : 52 yrs

1901 : living on own means at 19 Victoria St, Portsea

Clara : 45 yrs

Walter : Mariner : 19 yrs

Elizabeth Harris : 71 yrs

Portsmouth Evening News : Thursday 12 December 1895

Wanted - Respectable girl to assist in housework and make herself generally useful.

8 Broad Street.  Sleep out.

1901 Census

Harry G Slade : Publican : 57 yrs

Sarah : 56 yrs

Harry A Gough : Army Pensioner : 35 yrs

William C Davidson : Soldier : 34 yrs

Matthias R Leverett : Boatman : 65 yrs

Ann : 65 yrs

1911 Census

“Circe & Arethusa”

James Albert Hadley : Pensioner, Navy : 47 yrs

Alice : 45 yrs

Harold : 11 yrs

Ronald : 6 yrs

Mary : 82 yrs

Matthias R Leverett : Boatman : 75 yrs

Ann : 75 yrs

Portsmouth Evening News : Friday 21 January 1949

An echo of the Kidderminster Week tragedy was the presentation to Mr Alfred Francis Butcher of 8A Broad Street of Testimonials on Vellum.

Broad Street: About

9 Broad Street

Saturday 16 December 1871 : Portsmouth Times and Naval Gazette

Herbert Vosper : 

Portsmouth Engineering Works

8 & 9 Broad Street 

Is pleased to announce that now having completed his new premises and fitted it up with the most approved machinery he hopes to have a still further proof of the public favour which he has enjoyed for the last four years.

He has fitted all kinds of brewery machinery, and has received the most flattering testimonials as to high-class workmanship and good effects produced at low price.

Horizontal Engines, with turned fly-wheels, brass feed pumps, bright governors, and fitted with the best material and workmanship, from £14

Several engines now in progress, and intending purchasers are invited to inspect them

Steam Boilers at equally low prices

H V has made special arrangements, to supply castings of best iron at low rates.  A stock of pulleys and cylinder castings.  The trade supplied.

H V has special facilities for the manufacture and repairs of steam boats, which can come up to the back of his factory through the inner Camber

Boiler making and smith’s work of every description

Saw and flour mills, printing works, pumping stations &c., fitted with approved machinery

Patentee and maker of the new steam pump

Illustrated catalogue of machinery on application

1881 Census 

“Prussian Eagle”

Henry Ludwig : Publican : 53 yrs

Eve : 50 yrs

Louise : 17 yrs

Henrietta : 13 yrs

George : 10 yrs

Joseph Heitzer : General Labourer : 42 yrs

Mary : Dressmaker : 25 yrs

Thomas Walls : Travelling Musician : 27 yrs

William J Coburn : Confectioner : 75 yrs

Peter Shoemaker : Travelling Musician : 35 yrs

George Leppla : Travelling Musician : 21 yrs

Christian Kreischer : Travelling Musician : 36 yrs

Nicholas Dick : Travelling Musician : 22 yrs

Jacob Ruth : Travelling Musician : 17 yrs

Peter Hess : Travelling Musician : 34 yrs

Henry : Travelling Musician : 29 yrs

Charles : Travelling Musician : 20 yrs

Jacob Graveous : Travelling Musician : 17 yrs

Peter Wolf : Travelling Musician : 17 yrs

Frederick : 15 yrs

1891 Census

Henry Ludwig : Lodging House Keeper : 63 yrs

Louisa : 27 yrs

Henrietta Reynolds : 23 yrs

Joseph Heitner : Porter : 53 yrs

Henry : 10 yrs

John Burrows : Valet : 36 yrs

Charles Edinger : Musician : 36 yrs

Peter : Musician : 27 yrs

Daniel Metzer : Musician : 36 yrs

Adam Abel : Musician : 30 yrs

Phillip Emery : Musician : 26 yrs

Jacob Schmidt : Musician : 17 yrs

Frederick : 24 yrs

Phillip Hoffman : Musician : 23 yrs

Adam : 20 yrs

Henry Trump : Musician : 23 yrs

Charles : 19 yrs

Peter Joss : Musician : 17 yrs

Peter Heiman : Musician : 24 yrs

Marco Foglinzzo : Hawker : 40 yrs

1901 Census

Susan Dawson : 30 yrs

John Baker : 80 yrs

Frederick Elphick : Book Binder : 25 yrs

Walter Pracy : Machine Builder : 30 yrs

Kathleen Oliver : 24 yrs

Alfred C : Baker : 29 yrs

1911 Census

John James William Duke : Coal Porter : 29 yrs

Elizabeth : 26 yrs

John : 5 yrs

Evelyn : 1 yr

James Knighton : Coal Porter : 23 yrs

Florence : Dye Stamper : 23 yrs

Mary : 66 yrs

Tomash : Errand Boy : 15 yrs

Portsmouth Evening News : Saturday 14 March 1914

Montagu Henry Foster, deceased.  By instructions from the Executors.

On Monday March 23rd, 1914

Field & Palmer are instructed to sell by auction, at their property Mart, 3 King’s Road, Southsea, on the above date, at 7 o’clock in the evening

Nos 1 and 3 West Street, two good dwelling houses, let at 5s and 6s per week

No 9 Broad Street, a double fronted property, adjoining the foregoing, let at 5s per week, tenant paying rates.

No 8 Bath Square, well situate waterside property, let to Messrs Feltham and Son, Boat Builders

Broad Street: About

10 Broad Street

1861 Census

Ann Muther : Housekeeper & Dealer in Clothes : 50 yrs

R Ann : 19 yrs

Jane : 18 yrs

Emma : Milliner : 16 yrs

Thomas White : Porter : 33 yrs

Frederick Nicholls : Engine Fitter : 27 yrs

Jane : 28 yrs

Charles Gillett : Photographer : 23 yrs

Charlotte : 22 yrs

Martha : 4 yrs

Matthew : 2 yrs

Henry : 2 months

Jane Calcott : Ship Smith : 57 yrs

James P N : Ship Smith : 25 yrs

Harriett M : Dressmaker : 23 yrs

Jane H : Draper’s Assistant : 21 yrs

Charles T : Ship Smith : 20 yrs

Joseph Lewer : Cab Driver : 27 yrs

Charlotte : 28 yrs

Elizabeth A : 3 months

James Pearce : Publican : 36 yrs

Margaret : 36 yrs

Henry Don : Bricklayer : 30 yrs

Marian E : 33 yrs

Jane Chick : General Servant : 18 yrs

James Kelly : Bricklayer : 30 yrs

Margaret : 28 yrs

Mary : 9 yrs

Patrick : 4 yrs

Ellen : 9 months

1871 Census

Hannah Butcher : Laundress : 27 yrs

Hannah : 6 yrs

Mary A : 5 yrs

William : 3 yrs

Robert : 1 yr

John Vant : Seaman, RN : 27 yrs

Sarah J : Straw Hat Maker : 27 yrs

Florence : 4 yrs

Jane : 1 yr

Henry : Merchant Seaman :  31 yrs

Eliza : 19 yrs

Henry : 3 months

1881 Census

J G Harris : Agent : 49 yrs

A M : 50 yrs

Amelia Hatch : 75 yrs

Emily Rose : General Servant : 27 yrs

Katherine Allsop : 7 yrs

1891 Census

James Harris : Shipping Clerk : 31 yrs

1860 born

1879 23 Oct Military Deserter, 108th Foot, Regimental No 1764

1911 James Morley Harris, 52, and family living at 92 Victoria Rd, Shipping Ins Agent

Wilhelmina : 32 yrs

James H H : 6 yrs

Elsie A : 2 yrs

Clara Cole : General Servant : 16 yrs

1901 Census

Charles Hiley : General Labourer : 39 yrs

Mary A : 41 yrs

Edward : 12 yrs

Olive : 10 yrs

Ernest : 6 yrs

May : 4 yrs

1911 Census

James Herbert Kiesling Harris : Shipping Clerk : 26 yrs

Ellen Charlotte : 23 yrs

Portsmouth Evening News : Tuesday 28 May 1912

British and Irish Steam Packet Company Ltd., this company’s business at 10 Broad Street will be taken over and conducted by the Company on and from 1st June, at their office and stores, Wapping Wharf, Portsmouth.  

Mr John S Morgan, who has been many years in the Company’s service, has been appointed Manager at Portsmouth.

The cargo sailings from 1st June between London and Portsmouth will be increased to seven times fortnightly, and the trading public can therefore rely on a quick and efficient service.

The cargo services to and from Southampton, Plymouth, Falmouth and Dublin will be conducted as hitherto.

The company desire to solicit a continuance of the support of their clients

David Berry, Manager & Secretary, 27 Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin

Hampshire Telegraph : Friday 20 June 1913

By direction of the Trustees of the Will of Mrs Laura Ellen Dodd Tottenham, deceased, Wednesday, July 2nd, 1913 at 7 pm. King & King will sell by auction 10 Broad Street

Broad Street: Welcome

11 Broad Street

Hampshire Chronicle : Monday 22 June 1778

Joseph Bestland, painter and glazier, at No 11 Broad Street, Portsmouth Point, acquaints his friends that he continues his wholesale business for all kinds of oils, colours, glazier’s glass, and lead.

N.B. Wanted, a sober lad of good character as an apprentice.  A premium will be expected.  Apply as above.

1871 Census

Jane Wilkinson : Straw Hat Maker : 50 yrs

Jane : Straw Hat Maker : 29 yrs

Charlotte : 12 yrs

Henry : 7 yrs

Eliza Marrington : 6 yrs

1881 Census

Angelina Hall : Chiropodist’s Wife : 33 yrs

Selena : 11 yrs

Edwin : 9 yrs

Alice : 7 yrs

John : 1 yr

Susan Meades : Seamstress : 60 yrs

Charles Cottrell : Waterman : 33 yrs

Sarah : 35 yrs

George C : 8 yrs

Sarah J : 4 yrs

John Grist : Waterman : 20 yrs

Jane : 18 yrs

(Portsmouth Evening News : Tuesday 8 September 1936

Marriage :  On September 5th, at St Thomas’s, youngest son of Mr & Mrs Grist of Broad Street, to Vera May, youngest daughter of the late Mrs Jones of St James’s House, Portsea).

John Hall : Chiropodist : 70 yrs

Eliza : 56 yrs

Elvinen Sum Ton : 22 yrs

Elvinen : 10 yrs

Minev : 5 yrs 

1891 Census

Benjamin Moore : General Labourer : 51 yrs

Mary : 46 yrs

Alfred : Merchant Seaman : 17 yrs

Laura : Mother’s Help : 15 yrs

Mary : 13 yrs

Nellie : 5 yrs

Annie : 11 yrs

Edward W Tait : Boatman : 40 yrs

Mary Ann : 41 yrs

Edward : Costermonger : 15 yrs

Rose L : 13 yrs

Arthur R : 8 yrs

John J : 6 yrs

Lily M : 2 yrs

Albert V : 8 Months

Arthur : Boatman : 30 yrs

1901 Census

Robert Hay : Labourer, General : 28 yrs

Isabella : Corset Maker : 26 yrs

George Knighton : Labourer, Coal : 24 yrs

Maud : 23 yrs

Maud : 3 yrs

Alice ; 2 yrs

George : 1 month

Joseph Allen : Labourer, General : 50 yrs

Frances : 47 yrs

George Coote : Retired Waterman, Barge : 74 yrs

Jane : 67 yrs

Mary : 24 yrs (Cripple)

Amy Jackson : Sewing, Shirts : 33 yrs

Charles Baker : 39 yrs (Feeble Minded)

Hampshire Telegraph : Saturday 11 August 1906

On Wednesday, August 29th, 1906, King & King will sell by auction No 11 Broad Street.  Messrs Gunner & Renny, Solicitors, St Thomas’s Street.

1911 Census

George Feltham : Yacht & Boat Builder : 29 yrs

Clara ; 28 yrs

Cecil : 3 yrs

Ronald : 3 months

Hampshire Telegraph : Friday 24 August 1934

Inquest :  “Death from Natural Causes” was the verdict recorded at an inquest held at Portsmouth Guildhall on Monday on Jane McDougal (75), of 11 Broad Street, who died suddenly on Saturday morning.

Broad Street: Welcome

12 Broad Street

1871 Census

James Pearce : Omnibus Proprietor : 47 yrs

1861 Broad St, Publican

Emily Durick : Servant Housekeeper : 31 yrs

James Pearce : 8 yrs

Ernest : 5 yrs

Willie : 3 yrs

Alice ; 1 yr

Mary Lane : General Servant : 20 yrs

1881 Census

Walter Harvey : Grocer : 27 yrs

Emma : 27 yrs

Elizabeth : 8 months

Elizabeth Dare : Retired Grocer : 77 yrs

1891 Census

Walter Harvey : Grocer : 38 yrs

Emma : 38 yrs

Katie : 10 yrs

Elsie : 8 yrs

William : 6 yrs

Daisy : 4 yrs

Janet : 2 yrs

Elizabeth Dore : Living on own means : 88 yrs

Hampshire Telegraph : Saturday 9 January 1892

Emily Kate White, alias Kate Howard, 60 Charwoman, was indicted for the theft of 5lbs of bacon, value 4/1, the property of Frederick Santillo, and also a bladder of lard and a jar of jam, value 6s, belonging to Walter Harvey.  Mr Bovill Smith prosecuted.  Prosecutors are grocers, carrying on business in Broad Street, and in respect of the first charge, which alone was gone into, it was stated that prisoner was seen helping herself to the bacon by Mrs Santillo, who asked her what she was doing, and was told,”I’m robbing you.”  Mrs Santillo sought to detain her, but she escaped, only to be arrested in the street later on, with the proceeds of the other robbery concealed beneath her dress.  Prisoner, who had previously convicted of felony, pleaded that she was drunk at the time, and had no recollection of what she did.  Sentenced to three months hard labour.

Monday 2 April 1894

Walter Thomas, 40, a tramping basketmaker, Joshua Thomas, 19, and Charles Henry, 25, stokers belonging to the Victory, were charged  with breaking into No 12 Broad Street, and stealing a quantity of tinned meat, the property of Walter Harvey, grocer and provision merchant.

1901 Census

Walter Harvey : Grocer, Shop Keeper : 49 yrs

Emma : 49 yrs

Katie : Music Teacher : 20 yrs

Elsie : Grocer’s Assistant : 18 yrs

William : Clerk, School Board : 16 yrs

Daist : 14 yrs

Janet : 12 yrs

Ronald : 10 yrs

Roy : 7 yrs

1911 Census

Walter Harvey : Grocer : 59 yrs

Emma : Assisting in Business : 59 yrs

Elsie Jane : Grocer’s Assistant : 28 yrs

Frederick William : Clerk : 26 yrs

Daisy Florence : Dressmaker : 24 yrs

Janet : Milliner : 22 yrs

Walter Ronald : Clerk : 19 yrs

John Robert Roy : Apprentice : 17 yrs

Broad Street: Welcome
Seagull, Broad Street.jpg

13 Broad Street

1871 Census

John Osgar : Sweet Shop Keeper : 42 yrs

1861 living at 16 Broad St, hairdresser & cook;

1881 living at 57 Broad St, cook & confectioner, born Madras;

Selina : 40 yrs

Sarah : 5 yrs

Edward : 11 months

John : Ordinary Seaman, RN : 19 yrs

Norah Smith : General Servant : 13 yrs

Charles Cottrell : Merchant Seaman : 26 yrs

Sarah : 23 yrs

1881 Census

Thomas Stimson : Grocer, Master : 52 yrs

Jessie : 46 yrs

Jessie : Dressmaker : 18 yrs

Sarah : Milliner : 16 yrs

Alice : 15 yrs

Harry : 13 yrs

William : 10 yrs

Daniel Gillingham : : Private, Army Service Corpse : 37 yrs

Amy : 30 yrs

Richard Lemmon : Waterman : 43 yrs

Harriet : 32 yrs

Richard : 9 yrs

Ernest : 7 yrs

Alexander : 3 yrs

Louisa : 1 yr

1891 Census

Jessie Stimson : Grocer, General : 54 yrs

Henry : Upholsterer : 23 yrs

William : Printer : 20 yrs

Jeremiah Allen : Seaman, RN : 45 yrs

Mary : 37 yrs

William J Elliott : Labourer : 16 yrs

Edward : 9 yrs

Lucy : 6 yrs

Annie J : 8 months

John J Smith : Seaman, RN : 33 yrs

Ellen : 30 yrs

John J : 5 yrs

George : 3 yrs

1901 Census

John Wheller : Beer House Keeper : 48 yrs

Priscilla : 44 yrs

John H : 15 yrs

Lydia : 14 yrs

Florence H : 12 yrs

Richard J : 2yrs

John Knight : Labourer : 36 yrs

1911 Census

Jonathan Cluett : Beer House Keeper : 42 yrs

Walter : 47 yrs

Emily : 44 yrs

Walter : Coachman  : 23 yrs

Hetty : General Servant : 18 yrs

Charles : Errand Boy : 15 yrs

Ellen : 13 yrs

Broad Street: Welcome

14 Broad Street

1861 Census

Harriett Lemon : Earthenware Dealer : 62 yrs

Maria : Dressmaker : 33 yrs

Henry J : Carpenter : 22 yrs

Frederick Proctor : Mariner (Merchant) : 31 yrs

Eliza : 29 yrs

Frederick : 7 yrs

Alexander : 3 yrs

George Harvey : Corporal, Royal Artillery : 36 yrs

Mary : 31 yrs

Mary A : 4 yrs

Sarah : 2 yrs

Thomas Finlay : Sgt of Royal Artillery : 35 yrs

Ellen : 37 yrs

James C : 2 yrs

Sarah A Parsons : Needlewoman : 25 yrs

George Sheridan : Cook : 53 yrs

Mary : 68 yrs

1871 Census

Maria Triggs : Laundress : 56 yrs

Maria : 29 yrs

Helen : Dressmaker : 19 yrs

William Hooker : 54 yrs

Charles Langford : Labourer : 55 yrs

Elizabeth Muston : Merchant Seaman’s Wife : 21 yrs

Thomas : 1 yr

1881 Census

Amelia S Burdett : Music Seller

John B Fisher : Printer Compositor : 17 yrs

Mabel B Burdett : 5 yrs

Matthias Leverett : Mariner : 44 yrs

Ann : 45 yrs

John Hughes : Gunner RA : 26 yrs

Florence : 21 yrs

Alice : 10 months

1891 Census

Amelia Fisher : Lodging House Keeper : 63 yrs

John : Printer : 26 yrs

Mabel Burdett : 16 yrs

Elizabeth Dickens : 2 yrs

Isabella Hodge : 4 yrs

Gertrude : 41 yrs

Portsmouth Evening News : Saturday 27 January 1894

Violin, Banjo and Guitar taught by Miss Burdett, 14 Broad Street.

1901 Census

Amelia Fisher : 74 yrs

John : Printer, Compositor : 33 yrs

Lizzie Dickens : 12 yrs

Annie Rogers : Nurse, Domestic : 34 yrs

William Durrant : Boot Maker : 45 yrs

Broad Street: About

15 Broad Street

1861 Census

Arthur Moore : Baker : 34 yrs

Mary A Carbury : Housekeeper : 20 yrs

1871 Census

Alfred Heath : Seaman : 26 yrs

Elizabeth : 27 yrs

Thomas Carpenter : Labourer : 52 yrs

Sarah : 49 yrs

Thomas : 12 yrs

Rosina : 6 yrs 

Mary Jackman : Merchant Seaman’s Wife : 30 yrs

George : 10 yrs

1881 Census

Thomas Reed : Fruiterer : 55 yrs

Emma : 55 yrs

Thomas : 16 yrs

Herbert : 14 yrs

Jane Dash : 72 yrs

1891 Census

Emily Read : Greengrocer : 66 yrs

1901 Census

Herbert J Reed : Labourer, General : 34 yrs

Mary Ann : 36 yrs

Gertrude E M : 5 yrs

Eva M : 4 yrs

Emily F Cousins : Clerk, Gas Offices : 22 yrs

1911 Census

Willie Augustus Clark : Leading Stoker : 30 yrs

Alice : Stationery Shopkeeper : 31 yrs

William James : 3 yrs

Margaret Ellen : 3 months

Nellie Maud Gooch : Parlourmaid : 17 yrs

Hampshire Telegraph : Friday 25 July 1941

Notice is hereby given that all persons having any claim against the estate of Alice Clark late of No 15 Broad Street in the City of Portsmouth, widow, who died on the 12 day of may, 1941, are hereby required to send particulars thereof in writing to us the undersigned Solicitors for William James Clark of 53 Eastfield Road, Portsmouth and Winifred Alice Greener of 15 Broad Street, the Administrators of the estate and the effects of the above deceased on or before 29th day of September 1941, after which date the Administrators will proceed to distribute the estate having regard to the claims then notified.  Dated this 19th day 0f July, 1941.  Warner, Richardson, Solicitors, Bishop’s Waltham.

Broad Street: Welcome

16 Broad Street

1861 Census

John Osgar : Hairdresser & Cook : 32 yrs

Selina : 28 yrs

Angelina : 12 yrs

John S : 8 yrs

Joseph : 4 months

1881 Census

Jane Wilkinson : Straw Hat Maker : 59 yrs

Eliza Warrington : Stay Maker : 16 yrs

Broad Street: Text

17 Broad Street
“Blue Posts”

Hampshire Chronicle : Monday 23 November 1778

Edward and Elizabeth Hunt from Bath, beg leave to inform the public in general and their friends in particular, that they have taken and entered  on that well-known and capital inn the Two Blue Posts in Broad Street, and having laid in a large stock of the choicest and most genuine wines, and other liquors, hope by their care and assiduity to merit the continuance of favours from those who have honoured that Inn with their company.

N.B.   Neat post chaises with careful drivers to any part of the Kingdom

Hampshire Chronicle : Monday 26 June 1780

Private Ship of War

For sale by the candle, at the Blue Posts Inn, on Tuesday, the 27th inst., 1780, immediately after the sale of the cargo of the Fortuna, advertised in this paper, that remarkable fine ship th e Dunkerquoise, French Privateer, well known by having captured upwards of 40 English vessels, mounted 22 guns on a single deck, almost new, as complete a vessel for the purpose  as can be found and supported to be one of the fastest sailing vessels that went out of France; a prize to His Majesty’s ships Emerald and Champion.

Salisbury and Winchester Journal : Monday 20 May 1782

For sale by the candle, at the Blue Posts Inn, on Monday the 27th of may, 1782, at three o’clock in the afternoon.

Sundry ships stores; consisting of standing and running rigging, topmasts, yards, sails, water casks, muskets, cutlasses,, with several other articles, as will be specified in the catalogues, being the equipment of the Tartar brig, privateer, taken on her passage by his Majesty’s Ship, the Arethusa, Sir Richard Pearson, commander.

The stores to be viewed three lawful days previous to the sale, and catalogues to be timely had, by applying to Mr Lindegren, Portsmouth.

NB  At the same time will be sold, sundry ships stores and provisions &c., to be viewed above.

Hampshire Chronicle : Monday 5 January 1784

To be sold by auction, at the Blue Posts, by order of the Assignees, in about three weeks, the stock in trade and effects of Mr Andr Lindegren, Jun., a bankrupt; consisting of a new store house, in East Street, holden on a building lease of 59 years; lease of a house, wharf and stores in Broad Street; shares in three sloops, from 40 to 70 tons burthen; two lighters and other craft; about 220 barrels of tar; 200 barrels of Pitch; a large quantity of ships stores; old guns and shot; several new masts and spars; and sundry other goods for home consumption and exportation.

Also a quantity of household furniture, and a most choice collection of sherry, Madeira, Red Ports, Claret, and other wines, in cask and bottles.

The whole will be more particularly expressed in the catalogues.  The day of sale will be advertised in this paper in due time, and the catalogues will be delivered on the premises, at the place of sale, and by Matthew Miller and Co. of Gosport.

Salisbury and Winchester Journal : Monday 25 December 1786

For sale by auction, at the Blue Posts Inn, Portsmouth, on Thursday 28th of December 1786 - Two hundred barrels of Archangel Pitch, and one large cask of Lamp Black.  The goods to be viewed two days previous to sale, by applying at Mr Lindegren’s office, Portsmouth Point.

Hampshire Chronicle : Monday 3 June 1793

To be sold by auction, by Mr Collins,on Monday the 17th June,1793, at six o’clock in the afternoon, at the Two Blue Posts inn, on the Point at Portsmouth, in the county of Southampton, the several valuable estates following :

Lot 1 : All that large and well accustomed public house, bearing the sign ‘ Lord Hood’s Head’, situate in the square, opposite the Round Tower, on the Point of Portsmouth, now in the occupation of Mr Nathaniel Jackson : and two tenements adjoining now in the occupations of Mrs Connor and others.

Lot 2 : Four tenements fronting into the aforesaid square, one tenement at the back thereof, now in the several occupations of James Squib, Ann Mullins and others.

Lot 3 : All that good accustomed public house, bearing the sign of the ‘Ship Tyger’, fronting into the said square, now in the occupation of Mr David Lewis

Lot 4 : Two double messuages or tenements, adjoining the last lot in Tower Street (no 14 and 15) now in the several occupations of Mrs Byfield and Mrs Monday

Lot 5 : a new brick built double messuage or tenement, adjoining the last lot (no 13) now in the occupation of Mr Michael Burn.

Bristol Mirror : Saturday 28 April 1810

To be sold by public auction, at the Blue Posts Inn, on Thursday, the 3d May, 1810, at twelve o’clock at noon, the following goods;

136 bales of cotton : 955 barrels Turpentine : 49 Pieces of rice : 7 casks Bees-Wax : 10,000 White Oak Hogshead Staves and 73 Hands of tobacco.

Landed from the American ship Huron, from Wilmington, North Carolina.

The whole to be viewed, catalogues to be had, and further particulars known , by application to Day and Phillips, Portsmouth

Public Ledger and daily Advertiser : Monday 27 January 1812

On Friday afternoon, a fire broke out in one of the chambers of the Blue Posts Tavern, on the Point, Portsmouth, which threatened the greatest danger ; but by the prompt exertions of the military and inhabitants, it was got under.  The damage is, however, considerable.

Brighton Gazette : 18 November 1830


The Nimrod, new fast coach, to Portsmouth in six hours, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, at ten - route, through Worthing, Arundel, and Chichester, from the Bedford Hotel and orations Coach office, Brighton, and returns the following afternoons, at three o’clock, from The Blue Posts, Broad Street.Saturday 16 January 1841 : Derbyshire Courier

Portsmouth Point - Letter to Editor

Portsmouth Point - was - I say was, for I have not seen it in these twenty-five years - a long street, running from the barriers and drawbridge that separated it from the High Street, till it terminated in a shingly beach up the harbour; and being nothing more than a narrow slip of isolated land, from then derived its name.  There was also a sort of purée or by-lane, with an intervening space, which, from its having an old capstan in its centre, was designated Capstan-Square.

A noted spot was the Point in the days of war.  There stood the inviting “Blue Posts’, where many a hungry reefer, has enjoyed his tea for two and toast for six.  Oh it was delectable sight to witness the eagerness with which the “young gentlemen” regaled themselves; d-ing the waiters, to show that they were real officers, and topping the grandee in extraordinary style, without ht least fear of brought up, all standing, by the first lieutenant.

Dear delightful Blue Posts, how well do I remember your characteristic columns at the entrance, and the snug coffee room on the right hand side of the passage; - happy and joyous have been the hours that I have passed within those walls - many a bleak winter morning have I had charge of the large cutter, and pulled or sailed in from Spithead, shivering with cold, wet, hungry, and fretful.  Ordered by the hard-hearted and cruel first lieutenant  not to quit the boat myself, nor suffer the men to do so; no sooner did the cutter’s nose grate upon the beach at Sally-port, than I manifested my obedience by lodging the crew at the Duncan’s Head (where as a matter of course, I paid the shot), and then hurrying to the Blue Posts, have found a dozen or more, equally as attentive to duty as myself - luxuriating in the warmth of a glowing fire - sitting over their steaming cups, and swearing big oaths that they submit to no control but that of the captain; for whom, probably, a letter lay by their side, with orders from the first lieutenant that “it should be delivered immediately on landing.”

“Waiter, breakfast! and bear a hand about it,”was the order; and in came the hot rolls, not merely unctuously spread with, for that would hardly have contented a midshipman’s palate, but swimming in butter, to gratify a half-famished appetite, and no fond momma or discreet papa to check their darling in his gorge.  Oh the glorious, delicious, melting morsels, how rapidly they were devoured; and ever and anon the room sounded with the demand, “Waiter, more rolls.”

 What a history that place record! How many young and ardent aspirants to naval fame have congregated there in the first opening dawn of their glory - from a child of ten years, who fancied his cocked hat and uniform made him a man, to the bold dashing “middy” of twenty, who proudly calculated upon having done “some service to the state.”  I can remember many a fine handsome youth, full of eager hope and expectation, longing for his time of servitude to expire, and reckoning up the sum of influence he possessed to obtain a commission from the hard-fisted, patronage-loving first lord of the Admiralty.  These were the young men who fearlessly sought danger ”Even in the cannon’s mouth.”; and where are they now? Some I see occasionally, are grey-headed old men, who having gained the desired step, have never risen higher; - lieutenants who toiled amidst the the alternate strifes of storm and battle for some twenty or thirty years, and there they are, lieutenants still; whilst boys, who never smelt powder but in firing a salute, have grasped the coveted distinction, and sport their pair of epaulettes.  Others, it is true, are now old post captains, and some few have hoisted their flag, but the greatest portion have swept away into the dark abyss of eternity.

Hampshire Telegraph : Monday 30 October 1837

Capital Inn and Genteel Dwelling House

To be sold by auction, by Mr Peacock, on the premises, on Thursday, the 16th of November, 1837, at three o’clock precisely.  All those extensive freehold, compact and valuable premises, known as the Blue Posts Tavern and Hotel, with the Coach and Waggon offices, extensive ware-room, stabling, and out-houses, situate in Broad Street, and also a genteel residence on the Grand Parade, in two Lots:-

Lot 1 : The Blue Posts Tavern and Hotel, a spacious, long established, and well frequented house, advantageously situate for business on the north side of Broad Street; containing on the ground floor, a good coffee room, coach office, bar, bar parlour, tea room, kitchen, larder, scullery, cellarage and offices: on the first and second floors, an excellent dining room, front and back sitting rooms, principal and secondary staircases, with convenient landings, 19 bedrooms, dressing rooms, water closets &c..

The Waggon Department, consists of a bay window front office, a back office fitted with desks, counter, iron safes and presses, comfortable sitting room, sleeping and dressing rooms, an immediate communication with the gateway, and a paved yard completely enclosed with stabling for 20 horses, with lofts over, a lock up coach house,extensive and commodious warehouses, loading shed, cranes, and evert requisite for conducting business on a large scale both by land and water, as the are-rooms open on the Camber, and are capable of affording a quay 88 feet in length, and which, in the event of the formation of Commercial Docks now in contemplation, must prove a most valuable possession; adjoining the gateway, and connected with the Tavern, is a tenement used as a Tap, having a front tap-room, small bar, and five bedrooms &c., completing a street frontage of 88 feet, and running in a straight line backwards 116 feet to the Camber; now in the general occupation of Mr M Hall, and Messrs Pescott and Stanbury, yearly tenants, at the reduced rent of £150

The increasing business of the hotel, and coaching, and the Steam Navigation, under the judicious management of Mr Hall, the extensive London, Bristol and Brighton Waggon Establishment of Messrs Pescott and Stanbury, the tenure, extent and compactness of the premises - the probable establishment of Docks -  and the unparalleled local advantages of a war, are circumstances which cannot fail to present to the public, benefits which appear to attach almost exclusively to Portsmouth as the greatest Naval Arsenal in the world.  (Lot 2 - see Grand Parade)

Hampshire Advertiser : Saturday 31 July 1847

Henry Mandeville was charged by Mary Jane Rogers, with assaulting her on the 23rd inst..  The complainant lived as servant to Mr Scarlett, at the “Blue Posts Tap”, Broad Street, and the defendant also lived at the same house.  On the day in question the complainant told her mistress that “Harry was playing with the nurse-maid, or might have finished his work.”  On this he charged her with telling tales on him and threw a tub of water at her head.  He was convicted and sentenced to pay a fine of 10s, and 9s costs, or fourteen days’ imprisonment.

Hampshire Telegraph : Saturday 7 August 1847

The following inquest was held before W Cooper Esq, Coroner ; On Saturday last at the Lion and Lamb, Broad Street, on the body of Marianne Emery, aged 27, wife of Mr Emery, of the”Blue Posts Tap,” who had been confined about two months, but had sufficiently recovered to enable her to walk out on the Friday evening.  Her husband was dangerously ill ; she was very anxious about him, and had watched by his side, night after night.  On Friday night her mother prevailed on her to go to bed with her ; about one o’clock on Saturday morning, at the request of the deceased, her mother went to see how the husband was ; and returning said he was much the same as when deceased had left him.  The deceased then sat up in bed, took the child to give it to the breast, when she suddenly made an hysterical noise, and died almost instantly.  Mr Garrington, surgeon, who had attended her, examined the body, but found no morbid appearances that could account satisfactorily for the cause of death ; but was of opinion death ensued  from natural causes and most probably from sudden syncope.  Verdict accordingly

Saturday 4 March 18 1854 : Portsmouth Times and Naval Gazette

Marryatt’s Blue Posts Hotel, Broad Street

Commanding views of Spithead, the Isle of Wight, Motherbank, St Helen’s Roads &c..

W E Alexander

The public will find this house particularly convenient, from its proximity to Victoria Pier, the Custom House, Shipping Agents &c., being comfortable in its arrangements, and moderate in charges. 

Railway and Steam Company’s General Depot.  Omnibuses, cabs, &c., to and from the railway station

W E Alexander having removed to the above old-established house, respectfully returns thanks to his patrons during the past ten years, and trust by strict attention, with moderate charges to merit a continuance of the same.

1861 Census : “Blue Posts”

Henry Suter : Office Clerk : 55 yrs

living with Harriett at 3 Mitchell’s Court, light porter on railway;

1871 living with Harriett at alms houses7 Anerley Terrace;

Harriett : 58 yrs

Harriett S Coe : 32 yrs

Lydia H : 4 yrs

Mary E : 2 months

Robert Harris : Ostler : 46 yrs

Elizabeth : 41 yrs

James Tyler : Stoker RN : 24 yrs

Anna : 25 yrs

Wednesday 11 May 1870

Great Fire at Portsmouth

At about 2 o’clock on Saturday morning a waterman named Peter Smith, residing at West Street,, was passing the Blue Posts, public house, Broad street, and saw smoke issuing from the bar doors.  He knocked tat the door, rang the bell and shouted fire, when Mr William Miles, landlord, and his son, James Miles, came to the door.  An alarm was raised and Mr Inspector Hood, and Police-Sergeant Porter went to the place with the hose and reel, which were fixed to a hydrant in Broad Street , opposite the house, but twenty minutes elapsed before a supply of water could be obtained.  In a few minutes the house was in flames.  The borough engine was sent for, and Inspector Reed, from Portsea, arrived with the hose from that place, which was fixed to a plug in West Street, but there was not sufficient of water then.  The borough engine, when it came, was placed in the Baltic wharf, where a good supply of water was obtained from the Camber.  The Royal Artillery, with their engine, came to the spot, and played from the round Tower,  The 46th Regiment came and played form Tower Alley.  The flames spread rapidly, and in spite of all exertions, they gained the mastery in a quarter of an hour, and the house was entirely gutted.  Mr Miles states that about 1.15 am he put the gas out and went to bed, leaving the fire in the bar, and a towel in front of a chair before it.  All the inmates of the house got out safe, and went to 77 High Street, where they were hospitably entertained.  The house is the property of Mr A Nance JP and is not insured.  Mr Miles is insured for stock, furniture, clothes etc, in the London, Liverpool, and Globe Fire Office, for £500, but the damage he has sustained is £600.  About ten horses and several cabs were kept in the yard adjoining the house, but these were safely got out.  The Blue Posts was one of the oldest houses in the town.  It was an inn frequented by officers of the royal navy as far back as the time when , after his great fight as merchant captain with the Sallee pirates, received his commission from King James II : but obtained its highest popularity among the junior officers of the navy at the time of Duncan and Nelson.  It was built in 1613 and a huge porch at the front entrance, removed many years ago, was supported by two columns at its outer end, which were always kept painted bright blue.  Of late years two columns of very modest proportions  on each side of the dilapidated doorway have done duty for the more imposing columns of ancient times.

Peter Smith, living with wife Catherine at 5 Albion Place, West Street, Mariner, 34 yrs.   (1871 Census - West Street)

1881 Census

Antonio Petracca : Confectioner :  26 yrs

Josephine : 23 yrs

Henrietta : 2 yrs

Joseph : 10 months

Vincent Ditolla : Travelling Musician : 28 yrs

Frances : 23 yrs

Guiseppe Pompa : Travelling Musician : 33 yrs

Prudenca : 30 yrs

Guiseppe : 2 yrs

1891 Census

Antoine Petracca : Ice Cream Maker : 35 yrs

Josephina : 33 yrs

Henrietta : 12 yrs

Joseph : 10 yrs

Bertie : 8 yrs

Mary : 6 yrs

Anthony : 5 yrs

Caroline : 3 yrs

Frank : 1 yr

1901 Census

Antonio Petracca : Confectioner, Shop Keeper, Baker : 46 yrs

Josephine : 43 yrs

Joseph : Music Teacher : 20 yrs

Marie : Corset Maker, Stays : 16 yrs

Thomas : 15 yrs

Caroline : 13 yrs

Lily : 5 yrs

1911 Census

Antonio Petracca : Confectionary : 56 yrs

Josephine : Assisting in Business : 53 yrs

Henrietta : 32 yrs

John Herbert : : Army : 28 yrs

Maria Virginia : Corset Maker : 26 yrs

Caroline : 23 yrs

Lily : Corset Maker : 15 yrs

Portsmouth Evening News : Wednesday 10 August 1938

In November, 1800, two military officers, whose names  I purposely omit, because their relatives are alive today, agreed to settle a dispute, by the arbitration of the pistol, so early on the morning of a day in 1800 they went, quite alone, to a narrow passage  behind the Blue Posts in Broad Street.  A distance of about ten paces was stepped out, and they fired simultaneously, but neither was hit.  With a second shot one of them was mortally wounded, and his body lies today in the ground around the Garrison Church.  The victor was tried at the following Assizes at Winchester, found guilty of manslaughter, fined £50, and sent to prison for six months, but he was released after nine weeks confinement.

Portsmouth Evening News : Tuesday 12 November 1938

Officers were Lieutenant Stapleton and Ensign Grainger.

Ensign Grainger died.

In those days it was considered quite the gentlemanly thing to kill your man, and the Law turned its blind eye to the offence whenever it could.

Broad Street: About

18 Broad Street

1861 Census

William Wickendon : Ship Agent : 59 yrs

Christina Wright : Fruit Shop Keeper : 45 yrs

Kate : School Assistant : 18 yrs

Harry : Clerk to Farrier : 16 yrs

Ellen : 14 yrs

Emma : 12 yrs

Maria Johnson : Attendant on Ships : 58 yrs

1871 Census

Charles Groom : Sail Maker, Master : 34 yrs

1881 & 1891 46-42 Broad, Master Sailmaker;

1863 married Amelia Ann Howard at St Thomas’s;

Amelia : 27 yrs

Charles H : 6 yrs

Ann Hammond : Servant : 19 yrs

Portsmouth Evening News : Saturday 30 October 1886

5s Reward - Lost, Tuesday 26th inst., Broad Street, Gilded Silver Filigree Brooch.  Finder returning same to Mrs Groom, Broad Street will receive the above reward.

1891 Census

H G Sayby : Coppersmith’s Assistant : 55 yrs

Elizabeth : 55 yrs

Herbert Fielder : Engineer, Engine Maker : 29 yrs

1901 Census

William B Higgs : Manager, Marine Engineering Works : 38 yrs

Kate L : 37 yrs

William F : 9 yrs

Wilfred B : 5 yrs

Evelyn E Cooper : General Servant : 21 yrs

Broad Street: Welcome

19 Broad Street

 Portsmouth Times and Naval Gazette : Saturday 20 June 1857

For sale -No 19 Broad Street

All those extensive business premises, being well adapted for mercantile purposes, having large and substantial stores adjoining at the rear, close to the water side

1861 Census

James M Wilkinson : Hat Manufacturer : 37 yrs

Jane : 40 yrs

Jane S : 20 yrs

Sarah J : 18 yrs

Charles : Telegraphist : 14 yrs

Edward : 8 yrs

William : 5 yrs

Charlotte : 2 yrs

James M : Telegraphist : 16 yrs

Mary A Nelthorpe : 50 yrs

Mary A M : 30 yrs

Letitia : 28 yrs

Elizabeth : 19 yrs

George A : 15 yrs

William Smith : Waterman : 40 yrs

Sarah : 36 yrs

William : 12 yrs

1881 Census

Clara Tollervy : Butcheress : 40 yrs

Mary : 17 yrs

Charlie : 19 yrs

Fanny : 16 yrs

1891 Census

Clara Tollervey : Butcher : 50 yrs

Charles : Butcher : 24 yrs

Mary : Living on own Means : 19 yrs

Portsmouth Evening News : Monday 23 March 1891

Some comfortable houses to let in Broad Street, Somers Road, good garden, back entrance, rent moderate.  Apply 19 Broad Street.

1901 Census

Mary C Tollervey : Living on Own Means : 70 yrs

Mary M : 12 yrs

1911 Census

Charles Tollervey : Butcher : 34 yrs

Mary : Private Means : 30 yrs

Portsmouth Evening News : Saturday 24 February 1934

Mr Charles Joseph Tollervey. of 19 Broad Street, who died on January 11 last, left £4,607 11s 9d., net personalty £3,667 3s 4d.  Probate has been granted to William James Quarrell, of 6 Harrow Road, Southsea, milk roundsman, the sole executor.

Broad Street: About

20 Broad Street

Hampshire Telegraph : Monday 18 April 1836

Large and valuable stock of ironmongery, braziery &c., - Mr J N Robinson begs to announce that he has received instructions from the Executor of the late Mr William Love, of 20 Broad Street, Ironmonger, Brazier &c., to sell by public auction early in the next month, the whole of the stock in trade.  Particulars in next week’s paper.

1861 Census

John Latton : Carpenter & Joiner : 42 yrs

Caroline : 40 yrs

John W : 15 yrs

Thomas T : Shop Boy : 18 yrs

George J : 9 yrs

Lewis A : 6 yrs

Augustus A : 4 yrs

Francis R : 3 yrs

Harriett : 1 yr

Mary J Sherlock : House Servant : 16 yrs

Jane Brunt : Nurse Girl : 14 yrs

1871 Census

William Wickenden : Shipping Agent : 69 yrs

1861 living at 18 Broad St, widower, ship agent;

Christiana Wright : Housekeeper : 60 yrs

Charles Frampton : Fish Salesman : 26 yrs

Caroline : 28 yrs

Caroline Osborne : 8 yrs

Broad Street: Welcome

21 Broad Street

Salisbury and Winchester Journal : Monday 6 July 1772

Portsmouth, 21 Broad Street, Point

To be sold, ay and under prime cost, the remaining part of the stock-in-trade of the late Mr Samuel Dawson, consisting of mercery, woollen and linen drapery, hosiery, haberdashery, millinery and slopes.

NB : All persons having any demands on the estate of the said late Mr Dawson, are desired to transmit an account thereof to his widow and executrix, Mrs Hannah Dawson immediately.  And all persons indebted to the estate, are desired to pay their respective debts forthwith, otherwise they will be sued  for the same.

1861 Census

James Fry : Shipwright : 53 yrs

Elizabeth : 57 yrs

George Roberts : Egg Merchant : 40 yrs

Virginie : 38 yrs

Hannah : 14 yrs

George : 12 yrs

Selina : 9 yrs

Clarissa : 4 yrs

1871 Census

James Tayler : Ship Chandler : 53 yrs

Maria : 47 yrs

James : Ship Chandler’s Assistant : 26 yrs

William : Merchant Seaman : 24 yrs

Maria : 22 yrs

George : Shipwright : 20 yrs

Sarah : Assistant to Governess : 18 yrs

Abraham : Shipping Agent’s Clerk : 18 yrs

Elizabeth : 15 yrs

Jane : 13 yrs

Robert : 11 yrs

John : 9 yrs

Harry : 6 yrs

George Scarrott : Sail Maker : 20 yrs

Jane Garod : Barmaid : 28 yrs

Augusta Beale  (Adopted) : 4 yrs

Ellen B (Adopted) : 3 yrs

1881 Census

Sarah Owen : Income from Sons : 64 yrs

Louisa : Draper’s Assistant : 21 yrs

Harry : Watchmaker : 23 yrs

1891 Census 


Portsmouth evening News : Thursday 19 March 1891

To Tailoresses - Good buttonholers and binders wanted.  Apply 21 Broad Street

1901 Census

John Golding : Engine Fitter’s Labourer : 46 yrs

Louisa : 44 yrs

Hannah : Parlourmaid : 22 yrs

Florence : Housemaid : 17 yrs

Joseph : 13 yrs

James Stafford : Errand Boy : 13 yrs

Thomas Arlie : Warehouseman : 43 yrs

1911 Census

George Stockwell : Seaman, Fishing : 61 yrs

Louisa : 56 yrs

Lilian Alice Slape : Shorthand Typist : 20 yrs

Broad Street: About

22 Broad Street

1861 Census

Edwin Knott : Sailmaker : 28 yrs

1881 living at 64 Broad St with Ellen, master sailmaker;

Ellen : 30 yrs

Sarah : 63 yrs

George : 5 yrs

Ellen : 4 yrs

Edwin : 3 yrs

Edgar : 1 yr

Mary Wilson : Household Servant : 16 yrs

Theopholus Pellatt  : Mast & Block Maker : 25 yrs

Elizabeth : 22 yrs

Theopholus H : 3 yrs

Elizabeth : 1 yr

Broad Street: Text

23 Broad Street

1871 Census

“Peabody Store”

John Smith : Licensed Victualler : 41 yrs

1881 Census

William H Hooper : Fish Salesman : 32 yrs

Jane : 29 yrs

William H : 10 yrs

George W : 8 yrs

Albert E : 6 yrs

Frederick J : 2 yrs

Eliza Mason : General Servant :  23 yrs

Arthur Lavill : Meat Contractor : 39 yrs

Emily : 40 yrs

Frederick J : Wheelwright : 18 yrs

Mary Gorman : General Servant : 20 yrs

Portsmouth Evening News : Monday 5 June 1882

Wanted - General servant, good.  Apply 23 Broad Street

1891 Census

William Hooper : Fish Salesman : 42 yrs

Jane : 39 yrs

William H : Fishmonger : 20 yrs

George W : Fishmonger : 18 yrs

J Albert S : Brass Finisher’s Apprentice : 16 yrs

James A : 12 yrs

Jessie Rolls : General Servant : 12 yrs

Emily Pelham : General Servant : 16 yrs

Portsmouth Evening News : Saturday 27 February 1892

Wanted - General Servant, thorough good, wanted. plain cooking.

Mrs H., 23 Broad Street

Thursday 16 March 1893

St Bernards Cricket Club - The secretary is desirous of arranging matches with other junior clubs, average age 14.

F Hooper, 23 Broad Street.

1901 Census

William H Hooper : Fish Salesman : 52 yrs

Jane : 49 yrs

1911 Census

Alfred Pottinger : Motor Engineer : 30 yrs

Elizabeth : 28 yrs

William Brimecome : Retired Bargeman : 69 yrs

Charles : Coal heaver : 35 yrs

Alice : 21 yrs

Nellie : 8 yrs

Frank Merrell : Engine Fitter : 33 yrs

Broad Street: Welcome

24 Broad Street

1861 Census

Hester Damp : 51 yrs

Fanny : 29 yrs

Mary J : 27 yrs

Ellen : 22 yrs

William : Shop Man : 20 yrs

Alice : 8 yrs

1871 Census

Hester Damp : Ironmonger : 61 yrs

Fanny : 40 yrs

Mary : 38 yrs

Thomas : Draper’s Shop Man : 24 yrs

Alice : 18 yrs

1881 Census

(including  numbers 22, 20,18)

Herbert Edward Vosper : Marine Engineer  emp 55 hands : 30 yrs

Fanny : 29 yrs

Beatrice : 8 yrs

Erdine : 5 yrs

Mabel : 3 yrs

Maud : 2 yrs

Mary Sawyer : Governess : 17 yrs

Fanny Baker : General Servant : 25 yrs

Portsmouth Evening News : Wednesday 10 October 1883

Steam Trial : The tank vessel ‘Pelter’ having undergone extensive repairs at at Mr Read’s Ship Building Yard, Inner camber, went out of harbour yesterday morning for a trial of her machinery over the measured mile in Stokes Bay.  The results were considered highly satisfactory, being better than on any previous occasion.  Messrs Vosper and Co, engineers, of Broad Street, were entrusted by Mr Read with the repairs to the engines and boiler.

Portsmouth Evening News : Saturday 1 June 1889

Wanted, an Improver and an Apprentice to the Coppersmithing ; also a good moulder.

Vosper & C0, Broad Street.

Portsmouth Evening News : Wednesday 13 December 1905


At the request of local motorists we have opened a repair department, with commodious garage, having all the latest improvements, adjoining our old established works in Broad Street, and any repairs will be attended to promptly and expeditiously by thoroughly experienced workmen.

Hampshire Telegraph : Friday 18 March 1927

Messrs Vosper and Co Ltd., of 18 - 36 Broad Street, were summoned for using an unlicensed motor lorry on the highway.  A representative of the firm pleaded guilty, and said the lorry was used for welding jobs.  They had carried out work at the Floating Bridge, when they were asked to do a job nearby.  They took the risk in taking the lorry on the highway, and were caught.  Owing to the small amount of welding work to be done it was not worth paying a heavy amount for the licence.  As a matter of fact, the work had now been closed down, as it it did not pay.  The Magistrates, in imposing a fine of 35, said they were dealing leniently with the defendants.

Broad Street: Welcome

25 Broad Street

Hampshire Telegraph : Monday 1 February 1830

To be disposed of by private contract.  A stationery business, situated in one of the most public streets in Portsmouth, with a comfortable freehold dwelling house, offices and store attached thereto, which may be converted into a printing office, the Bookbinding Establishment.  The furniture can, if agreed on, be taken at a valuation.  Immediate possession will be given, and part of the purchase money main remain on mortgage.  If required, also, another freehold dwelling house adjoining.

For further particulars, apply to G L Hambergh, 25 Broad Street, who has likewise for sale,1100 French Burr Stones, and twenty tons Plaster of Paris, of the best qualities, on most reasonable terms.

Hampshire Advertiser : Saturday 11 August 1849

James Hoar, charged with being concealed in the dwelling house of Thomas Tollervey, butcher, Broad Street (1841 census) on the 3rd instant, with intent to commit a felony, was sentenced to three months imprisonment with hard labour in the borough gaol.

1861 Census

George H Tollervey : Butcher : 34 yrs

Harriett A : 30 yrs

Mary H : 6 yrs

Thomas P : 4 yrs

Fanny M : 2 yrs

Charles J : 2 months

Mary A : Governess : 36 yrs

Clara : 32 yrs

1871 Census

Mary Tollervey : School Mistress : 50 yrs

Clara : Butcher’s Shop Woman : 47 yrs

Mary H : 15 yrs

Fanny C : 12 yrs

1881 Census

William John Keemer : Marine Store Dealer : 41 yrs

1871  living at 9 King St, Alverstoke, greengrocer;

1891  living at 67 St Vincent St, Portsea, shoemaker; 

Margaret : Store Assistant : 40 yrs

William J : 11 yrs

1891 Census 


1901 Census

Mary Bailey : Laundress : 55 yrs

Henry : Riveter (Ship) : 30 yrs

Sarah Griffiths : 32 yrs

Henry Pearman : 4 yrs

Norah : 5 yrs

1911 Census

Mary Bailey : 65 yrs

Henry : Ship Plate Riveter : 40 yrs

Sarah Griffiths : 42 yrs

Arthur : Harbour Man : 45 yrs

Norah Pearman : 15 yrs

Harry : Newsboy : 14 yrs

Ruby Griffiths : 9 yrs

Beatrice : 8 yrs

Bessie : 7 yrs

Ralph : 4 yrs

Henry Bailey Burridge : 2 yrs 

Broad Street: About

26 Broad Street

Hampshire Chronicle : Monday 17 December 1781

East India Warehouse.  Mr Young from London, with all sorts of India Muslins, which have lately been seized and taken prizes, and are now selling by commission, wholesale and retail, cheaper by twenty per cent, than ever before sold in England, and a great many articles fifty per cent, at a large shop, No 26 Broad Street.

1861 Census 

John Abrahams : Bargeman : 26 yrs

Mary A : 24 yrs

John : 2 yrs

Henry : 2 months

1881 Census

George Porter : Labourer in Factory : 65 yrs

Louisa : 62 yrs

1891 Census

John Hewitt : Stoker & Driver, Stationary Engine : 49 yrs

Mary : 40 yrs

Frank E : 11 yrs

Clara E : 8 yrs

Arthur W : 4 yrs

Annie F : 1 yr

1901 Census

William Kelsey : Stoker & Driver, Stationary Engine : 30 yrs

Lily K : 29 yrs

Lily L M : 11 yrs

William : 9 yrs

George R : 4 yrs

Herbert J : 1 yr

1911 Census

Thomas Mills : Stationary Engine Man : 25 yrs

May : 24 yrs

Thomas Edwin : 18 months

Joseph : Electrician Wireman : 22 yrs

Broad Street: About

27 Broad Street

Hampshire Chronicle : Monday 18 April 1785

To be sold by auction for the benefit of the creditors, at the Fountain Inn, in the High Street, on Monday the 18th day of this instant April, at six o’clock in the evening;  A valuable freehold estate, consisting of a substantial built dwelling house, desirably situated in in the centre and on the  east side of the Broad Street, on the Point, being No 27, and late in the occupation of Mr Atkins, Linen-Draper; containing on the ground floor, a large shop in front 17 feet by 19 feet four inches, with counters and fixtures; a back room 12 feet three inches by 12 feet four inches; on the second floor, bed chambers and closets, and four upper rooms; a kitchen with a room over it,  large paved yard, with a jank under it; pump, and outhouses adjoining the dwelling house, all conveniently fitted up with proper fixtures, the whole lately built and in good repair.  A purchaser may have immediate possession.

A view and further particulars may be had by applying to Mr John Heckley, grocer, Mr William Bedford, merchant, and Mr Henry Garret, wine merchant, creditors and trustees of the estate and effects of Mr George Toop, or of Mr Joseph Bettesworth, attorney at law, Portsmouth Common, their solicitor.

If required, £5 or £600 of the present mortgage money may remain.

Hampshire Telegraph : Monday 4 July 1803

To be sold by private contract, the very desirable freehold dwelling house, No 27, on the north side and most elegant part of Broad Street : comprising on the ground floor, a very covenient and spacious counting house, parlour, paved yard, kitchen and offices, with a servant’s bedroom over : on the first floor, a very handsome drawing room and bed chamber : and, on the attic storey, three bedrooms.  The above premises are admirably situated for mercantile business, from their contiguity to the custom-house and to the water,  Immediate possession will be given, and a considerable amount of the purchase money may, if required, remain on mortgage, at five per cent interest.

Further particulars

 may be known by applying to Mr Scarlett or Mr Callaway, Solicitor.

1861 Census

Richard W Stokes : Rate Collector : 47 yrs

Jane : 30 yrs

Saturday 2 May 1868 : Portsmouth Times and Naval Gazette

South of England Cork and Isinglass Manufactory

27 Broad Street

J W Barnaby begs to return thanks for the patronage hitherto received, and to inform his friends and the public generally that he has taken into partnership Mr Daycock, and that and that the business will in future be conducted under the firm of  Barnaby, Daycock & Co in the above spacious and most convenient premises, which have been thoroughly renovated, and adapted for the extensive manufacture of all kinds of corks, Isinglass &c..

Messrs Barnaby, Daycock and Co being well acquainted with both businesses, are now prepared to receive and execute all orders entrusted to them, and hope by strict attention to business, and moderate prices, to merit a continuance of public support.

1871 Census

Margaret Barnaby : Cork Merchant’s Wife  : 35 yrs

1881 Census

William J Elliott : Waterman : 35 yrs 

1871 living at 7 Tower St, mariner;

1861 living at 2 Aylett’s Court, 15 yr old waterman;

1851 living as a 5 yr old  lodger with Elizabeth & George Webb in East St

Mary : 29 yrs

Laura J : 10 yrs

William J : 6 yrs

Henry Gowers : Travelling Musician : 43 yrs

Mary A : 31 yrs

Henry W : 13 yrs

Elizabeth : 11 yrs

Kate : 5 yrs

Robert Taw : Waterman : 31 yrs

Amelia : 29 yrs

Robert E : 7 yrs

Rhoda : 5 yrs

Harriett F : 2 yrs

1891 Census

Joseph P Kemp : Cork Cutter : 38 yrs

Mary F : Certificated Teacher : 39 yrs

Clara M : Housekeeper : 16 yrs

George E : Telegraph Messenger : 15 yrs

Flora M : 12 yrs

Bessie H : 9 yrs

Emma E : 8 yrs

Alfred E : 5 yrs

Frederick C : 2 yrs

Edward Main : Waterman : 74 yrs

Douglas Moffat : Engine Fitter : 29 yrs

Eliza E : 23 yrs

Alice Lillian : 4 yrs

William : 1 yr

1901 Census

Joseph Kemp : Cork Cutter : 48 yrs

Mary F : Teacher, Board School : 49 yrs

George E : Stamper, Post Office : 25 yrs

Flora M : Machinist, Corsets and Stays : 22 yrs

Bessie M : Housekeeper : 19 yrs

Emma E : Draper’s Assistant : 18 yrs

Alfred E : Shipwright’s Apprentice : 15 yrs

Frederick C : 12 yrs

Lillian : 5 yrs

Percy E : 2 yrs

George McKenzie : Waterman, Barge : 67 yrs

Henry : Waterman : 65 yrs

1911 Census

Joseph Paxton Kemp : Cork Cutter : 59 yrs

Mary Fry : Elementary School Teacher : 60 yrs

Alfred Edward : Shipwright : 25 yrs

Frederick Charles : Shipwright : 23 yrs

Lillian Grace : 16 yrs

Percy Edgar : 12 yrs

Fred Charlie Bowman : Engine Room Artificer : 33 yrs

Florence Mary : 32 yrs

Roy Kemp : 2 yrs

Olive Mary Main : 31 yrs

Fred Garside : Railway Porter : 29 yrs

Bessie Norah : 29 yrs

Florence Beatrice : 6 yrs

Doris Norah : 3 yrs

Gladys Claire : 1 yr

Portsmouth Evening News : Saturday 9 September 1922

Wednesday September 13th, 1922, at 6.30 pm, Bowler and Blake are in receipt of instructions to sell by auction the spacious dwelling house, 27 Broad Street, having on the ground floor:  front room, back sitting room, large wash-house and copper, cellar, yard and wc.  On the first floor: 3 excellent bedrooms.  On the top floor: 4 bedrooms.  There is a frontage to Broad Street of 19ft or thereabouts, and gas is laid on to two rooms:  together with the site of a former store, 40 ft x 17 ft or thereabouts.  With access to West Street, suitable for a garage or for building another store.

Portsmouth Evening News : Monday 21 September 1925

Edward Williams, 65 a coal porter of Broad Street, pleaded not guilty to a charge of stealing from the doorway of 44 High Street, a bottle containing a pint of milk, value 7d, the property of H R White & Co, of Brooklands Dairy, but he magistrates found the case proved, and fined him £1, or in default 15 days’ imprisonment.  The prisoner was refused time in which to pay the fine.

Portsmouth Evening News : Saturday 24 March 1934

Arthur Williams (43), 27 Broad Street, a pensioner, was remanded for a week on bail on a charge of obtaining by false pretences and with intent to defraud 15s from Sydney Godfrey on February 14

Broad Street: About

28 Broad Street

Hampshire Telegraph : Monday 13 May 1844

To be sold by auction by Robinson and Son, at the Bush Hotel, Southsea, on Thursday, the 16th day of May, 1844, at six for seven o’clock in the evening precisely, by order of the Devisees in Trust for sale under the will of Mr George Richards, deceased, those desirable and valuable  freehold business premises and family dwelling house, double fronted shop, store and  appurtenances, in the the middle and number 28 Broad Street, Point,, having an extensive range of frontage in Broad Street and in the occupation of Mr Edward Cross and Mrs Burridge.

1861 Census

George Cook : Fruiterer & Fishmonger : 22 yrs

Elizabeth : 21 yrs

Emily : 1 yr

Naomi : 10 days

Mary A Mosey : Domestic Servant : 13 yrs

Susannah Harrison : Monthly Nurse : 49 yrs

William Camp : Mason : 52 yrs

Charlotte : Dressmaker : 14 yrs

George : Porter at Floating Bridge : 23 yrs

Maria : 22 yrs

Henry : 2 months

Mary J Smith : Seaman’s Wife : 27 yrs

Elizabeth Main : Housemaid : 18 yrs

William Lapthorn : Sailmaker : 44 yrs

Jane : 42 yrs

James : Sailmaker’s Apprentice : 17 yrs

Mary J : 21 yrs

Matilda : 7 yrs

Emily J : 6 yrs

Havrell : 3 yrs

Maria Canes : 20 yrs

Mary Rose : 77 yrs

Saturday 18 July 1868 : Portsmouth Times and Naval Gazette

William Hooper

28 Broad Street

Optician and Nautical Warehouse

Opera, field, telescope, and other glasses, warranted at London prices.

Instruments cleaned and repaired.

Yacht and ships’ brass work of every description made and repaired

1871 Census

William Hooper : Optician, Brass Finisher : 44 yrs

Emma : 40 yrs

James : Brass Finisher’s Assistant : 20 yrs

Alfred : Brass Finisher’s Assistant : 18 yrs

Kate : 16 yrs

Ellen : 13 yrs

Emma : 13 yrs

Frederick : 11 yrs

Mary : 9 yrs

Hannah : 6 yrs

Ruth : 3 yrs

Broad Street: Welcome

29 Broad Street

Hampshire Telegraph : Monday 5 September 1803

To be sold by auction by Mr Eastman, at the Star and Garter Tavern, on the Point, on Wednesday the 21 st day of September 1803, at seven o’clock in the evening, unless sooner disposed of by private contract, of which timely notice will be given, all that messuage or dwelling house, being at no 29, situate in Broad Street, on the Point, and now in the possession of Mr George Kingsford, the proprietor; comprising a good shop, with two bow windows, a parlour behind the same, a drawing room, and five bedrooms, a drying loft, kitchen and wash-house, a good dry cellar, a large water tank, &c..  The commanding situation for trade on the before mentioned premises, needs no encomium, neing nearly opposite the Bath square, and not far from Point Beach.

For particulars enquire of Mr Eastman, St George’s Square, Portsea, or of the proprietor, on the premises.  NB - a purchaser may have immediate possession, and be accommodated with part of the money on mortgage, if required.

Monday 2 November 1818

To be sold by auction by Mr Collins on the premises on Monday November the 2d, and following days; household furniture, a counting desk with bookshelves; of Mr Joseph Burridge, ship chandler, No 29 Broad Street.

1871 Census

William Lapsham : Sail Maker & Ship Chandler : 53 yrs

Jane : 51 yrs

James : Sail Maker : 26 yrs

Augusta : 21 yrs

Matilda : 17 yrs

Emily : 16 yrs

Harriett : 13 yrs

Maria Cains : 30 yrs

1881 Census

John T Crampton : Coal Merchant : 28 yrs

Harriett : 30 yrs

Harriet Frost : 66 yrs

Jane Hayes : General Servant : 16 yrs

1891 Census 


1901 Census

William Lucas : Sail Maker : 54 yrs

Ada G : 29 yrs

Sidney E : Sail Maker : 23 yrs

Nellie E : 21 yrs

Blanche H : Dressmaker : 17 yrs

Nettie E : Tailoress : 15 yrs

Thomas R : Sail Maker’s Boy : 13 yrs

Ida G : 11 yrs

Ruby W : 9 yrs

1911 Census

Ada G Lucas : 39 yrs

Nellie E : 31 yrs

Reggie Thomas : Sailmaker : 23 yrs

Ida G : Tailoress : 21 yrs

Ruby W : Tailoress : 19 yrs

Portsmouth Evening News : Saturday 6 May 1922

On Wednesday May 24th, 1922, Bowler and Blake are in receipt of instructions to sell by auction at an early date, 29 Broad Street.  Solicitors, Messrs Bramsdon & Childs, 10 High Street

Hampshire Telegraph : Friday 7 September 1928

An accident in which the brothers A L Lucas and William Lucas, sons of Mr W G Lucas, sailmaker of Broad Street, were concerned, happened during a race under the auspices of the Portsmouth Sailing Club, off Clarence Pier, on Saturday afternoon.  The two young men were sailing a 14 ft dinghy in a heavy sea when it overturned.  Mr Ayres who was piloting another dinghy single-handed at once went to their rescue at great risk to himself and succeeded in getting the two men aboard.  The RAF launch and speed boat also hurried to the rescue but were not required.  Mr Knighton salved the capsized boat and towed it to the beach with one of the “round the harbour” motor boats.  Messrs Lucas desires to thank Mr Ayres for his prompt action.

Broad Street: About

30 Broad Street

1861 Census

Edmund Gray : Painter & Plumber : 27 yrs

Alice : 61 yrs

Harriett Lawlee : 65 yrs

Ellen Chase : 22 yrs

1871 Census

Edmund Gray : Painter (emp 5 men) : 38 yrs

Clara : 25 yrs

Eva : 5 yrs

Mabel : 3 yrs

Harry : 1 yr

Matilda Lankaster : Land Owner : 38 yrs

Eliza Messen : Servant : 17 yrs

1881 Census

Robert Harris : Ostler : 65 yrs

Elizabeth : 61 yrs

William Lovel : Coasting Mariner : 58 yrs

Jane : 57 yrs

Emily : 15 yrs

Walter : 11 yrs

Frank : 6 yrs

Henry Taw : Coasting Mariner : 25 yrs

Emma : 23 yrs

Emma : 3 yrs

Henrietta : 3 months

Broad Street: Text

31 Broad Street

1841 Census

“India House”

Charles Frames : Grocer : 40 yrs

William : 9 yrs

Elizabeth : 6 yrs

Clementine : 5 yrs

Elizabeth Palmer : 25 yrs

Ann Funnell : 20 yrs

1861 Census

William Reckman : Grocer : 40 yrs

Charlotte : 66 yrs

Edwin Budd : Grocer’s Assistant : 20 yrs

Maria Reeves : House Servant : 32 yrs

1871 Census 


1881 Census

Frank Owen : Sail Maker & Fish Merchant : 31 yrs

Mary A : 28 yrs

1891 Census

Frederick Santillo : Cork Cutter : 43 yrs

Emy J : Shop Keeper : 43 yrs

Alfred E : 9 yrs

Hampshire Telegraph : Saturday 9 January 1892

Emily Kate White, alias Kate Howard, 60 Charwoman, was indicted for the theft of 5lbs of bacon, value 4/1, the property of Frederick Santillo, and also a bladder of lard and a jar of jam, value 6s, belonging to Walter Harvey.  Mr Bovill Smith prosecuted.  Prosecutors are grocers, carrying on business in Broad Street, and in respect of the first charge, which alone was gone into, it was stated that prisoner was seen helping herself to the bacon by Mrs Santillo, who asked her what she was doing, and was told,”I’m robbing you.”  Mrs Santillo sought to detain her, but she escaped, only to be arrested in the street later on, with the proceeds of the other robbery concealed beneath her dress.  Prisoner, who had previously convicted of felony, pleaded that she was drunk at the time, and had no recollection of what she did.  Sentenced to three months hard labour.

1901 Census

John Anderson : Grocer : 44 yrs

Harriett : 40 yrs

Harriett : 14 yrs

Thomas ; 12 yrs

John : 3 yrs

May 1 yr

Stephen : 9 yrs

1911 Census

John Anderson : Grocer : 57 yrs

Harriett Maria : 49 yrs

Harriett Louisa Hawkins : 24 yrs

May Anderson : 11 yrs

Stephen : 10 yrs

Olive : 9 yrs

Alfred : 7 yrs

Robert Redward : 3 yrs

Portsmouth Evening News : Saturday 5 March 1932

Monday 21st March 1932, sale of investment properties in Portsmouth, Field and Palmer are instructed to sell by auction on the above date, at 6.30 pm :-

31 Broad Street

Broad Street: About

32 Broad Street

Hampshire Advertiser : Saturday 30 May 1846

John Fogwill, who has several times been an inmate of our borough gaol, was charged with obtaining two pair of woman’s boots from the shop of Mrs Loveless, Broad Street, by false pretences, on Tuesday last.  The prisoner went to the prosecutrix’s shop on the above day in the name of his brother, Mr Fogwill of Broad Street, and obtained two pairs of boots, stating they were for a customer who was waiting, and that his brother would call in a few minutes and pay for the same.  He subsequently sold one pair to a broker in Portsea, and pawned the other at Miss Blackshell’s.  Committed for trial at the Sessions.

1861 Census

William Fogwell : Boot Maker : 34 yrs

Mary A : 32 yrs

William : 9 yrs

Harry : 8 yrs

Frank : 6 yrs

Walter : 4 yrs

Allen : 3 yrs

Annie 1 yr

Elizabeth Harbone : House Servant : 22 yrs

1871 Census

William Fogwill : Shoemaker (emp 3 men) : 44 yrs

Mary A : 42 yrs

Harry : Draper’s Apprentice : 18 yrs

Frank : Lawyer’s Clerk : 16 yrs

Walter : Brewer’s Clerk : 14 yrs

Allan : 13 yrs

Annie : 11 yrs

Robert : 9 yrs

Jane Davis : Servant, Domestic : 23 yrs

1881 Census

Eugene Suiter : Seaman, Coasting seaman : 33 yrs

Helen : 29 yrs

Florence M : 4 yrs

Duglas : 2 yrs

Harold : 1 month

Maria Triggs : Laundress : 67 yrs

Maria : Laundress : 39 yrs

Chichester Observer : Saturday 10 September 1938

The death of Mr Allan Fogwell, aged 80 years, occurred at his home, 3 Monks Hill, Westbourne, on Sunday.  Mr Fogwell had been ailing for some 18 months.  For many years he conducted a boot-mender’s shop in Broad Street, during which time he visited Westbourne for weekends.  After his retirement, however, he cam to, and at the time of his death had resided there for some twenty years.  He was a member in  Portsmouth of of the Oddfellows, but was not associated with any local organisation in Westbourne.

At the age of 74, he married after waiting 50 years to do so, circumstances preventing the wedding until then.

The funeral service at the Parish Church was conducted on Wednesday by the Rev C D Hodge.  The mourners were: The widow, Mr F Fogwell (brother), Mr W Fogwell (nephew), Miss Winifred Dee (niece), Mr T Humphreys and Mr Beeston.

Wreaths were received from the following : The widow, Mr Frank Fogwell, Mrs Ellingham, Mr & Mrs Holloway and sons, Mr A Bee, Mr & Mrs W Fogwell, Mrs Mary Smythson, Miss Probyn, Mrs Hulbert and Miss Loada, Mr & Mrs F Salter, Mrs Tremayne and daughter, Mr & Mrs Marshall, Mrs Routledge, Mr & Mrs Lillywhite, Mr & Mrs Beeston and Mr T Humphreys.

Broad Street: Welcome

33 Broad Street

Hampshire Chronicle : Monday 31 December 1781

“Freemasons Arms”

To be sold by private contract, on or before the 10th day of January, 1782.  The unexpired term of  the much improved lease of that commodious and eligible house, No 33, situated in the very best part of Broad Street, Portsmouth Point, late in the occupation of Mr Richard Chapman, Stationer, Ironmonger and Ship Chandler; and with the said lease will be sold, the stock in trade, fixtures and household furniture.

The conveniences of the house are undeniable, consisting of a spacious, roomy and largfe shop, a commodious and light parlour adjoining, commanding a view of the same with elegant beaufet and useful closets, a convenient and useful kitchen on the same floor, an easy and roomy staircase to the first floor, which consists of an extra large and elegant dining room, and two good bedrooms adjoining, with roomy landing place, a very convenient yard with good storehouses and a neat privy &c., &c..  

The whole is replete with every suitable conveniency for the accommodation of a genteel family that it needs no encomiums, the whole having gone through a substantial and ornamental repair, by the late incumbent, who hath in the last year and a half expended on the said premises£150 in erections and improvements; and now held for the unexpired term of five years and a half of the small rent of £45 per annum during the time of war, but in time of peace at the reduced rate of £25 per annum; and as a farther recommendation it hath two good entrances, one in Broad Street and the other in East Street.  There is also a good passage opening into the harbour, belonging to the premises, for shipping or landing goods.

The stock in trade ids a regulated and well chosen assortment of articles in the stationary, ironmongery, braziery, tin and ship chandlery businesses, comprising almost every article needful in the above businesses and home consumption trades.  The fixtures consist of an elegant bow front with inside sashes, counter with drawers complete, mahogany glass cases with drawers, glass cases round the shop with drawers and useful shelves.  Bath and other stoves, as fixed, with good kitchen range, jack, dressers, cupboards, drawers &c..

The household furniture consists of a useful china and plate, good Scotch and other carpets, elegant bedsteads with mahogany fluted feet posts, check and harrateer, furniture to ditto; large gilt, pier and swing glasses, mahogany dining tables and chairs, an elegant bureaux and book-case with glass doors, a neat time-piece, and sundry other useful articles &c..

The above is a licensed house, has formerly been in the publicway, known by the name of the Freemasons Arms, in a vert extensive trade.

Hampshire Telegraph : Monday 21 August 1843

No 33 Broad Street, Portsmouth

To be sold by auction by Robinson, on the premises, as above, on Tuesday, the 22nd day of August, 1843, at twelve o’clock precisely ; The whole of the superior household furniture and effects of the late Mr William Owen, Slopseller and dealer ; comprising mahogany loo, dining, pembroke and other tables, mahogany sofa with satin seating, noble gilt-frame chimney and toilette glasses, three superior bordered goose featgered beds and bedding, Brussels and Kidderminster carpets, and hearth rugs, rosewood tallboy chest of drawers,, capital eight day clock, in Spanish curl mahogany, barometer, richly cut glass and china,, Sheffield plated articles,, about 100 ounces of modern plate, an excellent assortment of linen, the usual kitchen requisites and an infinity of effects.

Hampshire Telegraph : Saturday 12 June 1847

To be sold cheap, or let for a season, a first class wherry, 9 tons, OM, copper fastened, replete with stores, and ready for immediate use.  Any gentleman requiring a pleasure boat, will find the above well adapted for that purposes.

For other particulars, apply to Mr Henry Owen, Tailor and Outfitter, 33 Broad Street.

1861 Census

Henry Owen : Outfitter : 41 yrs

Eliza J : 8 yrs

Catherine : 3 yrs

Louisa : 2 yrs

Florence : 7 months

Emma Hewett : 20 yrs

Robert J Mitchell : Ship Steward : 29 yrs

Eliza Nicholson : 28 yrs

Kate Cook : House Servant : 16 yrs

1871 Census 


1881  Census

Sarah A Atlee : Greengrocer & Fruiterer : 53 yrs

Richard W : Licensed Meter : 21 yrs

1891 Census

Thomas Foster : Furniture Packer : 60 yrs

Mercy : 67 yrs

Edward J : Painter & Greengrocer : 31 yrs

1901 Census

Henry Cootes : Greengrocer : 37 yrs

Ellen : 30 yrs

1911 Census

John William Cottrell : Licensed Waterman & Grocer’s Shopkeeper : 43 yrs

Laura Jane : 40 yrs

Amy Mary : 19 yrs

John William : Boatman : 18 yrs

George Thomas : 13 yrs

Edith Rosa : 10 yrs

Harry Elliott : 8 yrs

Alice lilian : 6 yrs

Hampshire Telegraph : Friday 20 June 1913

By direction of the Trustees of the Will of Mrs Laura Ellen Dodd Tottenham, deceased, Wednesday, July 2nd, 1913 at 7 pm. King & King will sell by auction 33 Broad Street

Portsmouth Evening News : Saturday 19 March 1932

Monday 21 march 1932, sale of a freehold corner shop property in the City of Old Portsmouth, Field and Palmer are instructed to sell by auction, the corner freehold property, 33 Broad Street, comprising shop, kitchen, two sitting rooms, four bedrooms.  Side entrance in Bathing Lane.  At present let at 15 s 6d per week, tenant paying rates.  Vendor’s Solicitors, Messrs F G Allen and Sons, 15 Landport terrace.

Broad Street: Welcome

34 Broad Street

“King’s Arms Inn”

Hampshire Chronicle : Monday 15 May 1786

New Coffee Room, Portsmouth.  A subscription coffee room was this day opened, at the King’s Arms Inn, in this town, which, from its eligible and convenient situation, and the respectable number of subscribers already engaged, it is hoped will meet with encouragement.

Hampshire Chronicle : Monday 25 June 1787

“King’s Arms Inn”

Peter Coveney respectfully informs the Nobility, gentry, and his friends in general, that he has again neatly fitted up the above Inn, where such as may be pleased to honour him with their future countenance, may be assured of genteel accommodations, and on the most reasonable terms

NB - Commodious and roomy coach-houses, with good stall stables.

1841 Census

“Kings Arms Inn”

Sarah Marks : Licensed Victualler : 50 yrs

William : Ship Agent : 22 yrs

John : 15 yrs

Charles : 10 yrs

Fammy Ofan : 21 yrs

William Ludlow : Jeweller : 46 yrs

Emma : 16 yrs

Sarah Gilbert : 36 yrs

James Harting : Pilot : 45 yrs

1861 Census 

 “Kings Arms”

George Smith : Carpenter : 55 yrs

Louisa : 53 yrs

John : Ship Steward : 20 yrs

James : 15 yrs

Sarah Morgan : 29 yrs

Jeremiah Mahony : Seaman : 25 yrs 

1871 Census

John Main : Merchant’s Clerk : 30 yrs


Mary A : 32 yrs

Benjamin : Newspaper Printer Pressman : 25 yrs

Mary : 21 yrs

Caroline Green : 9 yrs

Broad Street: About

35 Broad Street

1861 Census  “King’s Head”

Samuel Jackman : Victualler : 51 yrs

Mary A : 51 yrs

Gloster : 12 yrs 

Caroline Aston : Waitress : 39 yrs

1871 Census   King’s Arms”

Samuel Jackman : Licensed Victualler : 61 yrs

living at 44 Bishop St Portsea, retired, widower

1891 living with son Gloster (Master Mariner) & family at same address 

1892. died in Portsea

Louisa : 54 yrs

Oscar Medgett : Seaman, RN : 28 yrs

Gloster Jackman : Merchant Seaman : 22 yrs

Ellen : 22 yrs

Harry : 1 yr

1881 Census

Edwin Palmer : Master Butcher : 62 yrs

Martha : 54 yrs

Martha A : 21 yrs

George : Grocer’s Apprentice : 16 yrs

Thomas Pafford : Butcher’s Boy : 17 yrs

Mary Mitchell : General Servant : 20 yrs

Thursday 18 October 1883

General Servant - (good character) for house of business : plain cooking : over 20 years of age.

35 Broad Street

1891 Census

Edward Main : Pilot : 46 yrs

Ann : 47 yrs

Edward W : Shipwright : 19 yrs

Matthew : Boat Builder : 16 yrs

Ann : 14 yrs

Charles : 12 yrs

John Pole : Grocer’s Assistant :