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68 Highbury Street

1911 Census

Charles William Woods : Coal Labourer : 30 yrs

Beatrice : 26 yrs

Beatrice : 6 yrs

Charles William : 4 yrs

Annie Elizabeth : 2 yrs

Rose Agnes : 2 months

Arthur McNaughton : General Labourer : 30 yrs

Portsmouth Evening News : Monday 30 March 1936

Fined for Gaming - Pleading not guilty to playing pitch and toss in St Mary’s Churchyard, Old Portsmouth, on March 29, Charles Moore (30), labourer of 68 Highbury Street and Edward Carter (19), labourer of 63 Henry Street, Gosport were both fined 5s

Highbury Street : Nos 68 - Highbury Hall: Welcome

70 Highbury Street

1911 Census

Charles Newman : General Labourer : 39 yrs

Margaret : 39 yrs

Michael : 11 yrs

James : 9 yrs

Agnes : 7 yrs

Eileen : 5 yrs

Highbury Street : Nos 68 - Highbury Hall: Text

72 Highbury Street

1911 Census

George Bridle : General Labourer : 27 yrs

Selina : 67 yrs

Sarah Ann : 24 yrs

Ellen Elizabeth : 29 yrs

Ellen Elizabeth : 11 yrs

Alfred George : 15 months

Highbury Street : Nos 68 - Highbury Hall: About

74 Highbury Street

1911 Census

John Henry Talbot : Dealer : 40 yrs

Teresa Thompson : Laundress : 42 yrs

Catherine Dixon : Licensed Hawker : 68 yrs

Highbury Street : Nos 68 - Highbury Hall: Text
The warriers Arms St Marys St next to Jo

76 Highbury Street

"Warrior’s Arms"

Warriors Arms, 76 Highbury Street, Portsmouth, Hampshire

Portsmouth pubs history index

At 10 10 St Marys Street in 1881 census

Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Hampshire . The Hampshire listing uses information from census, Trade Directories and History to add licensees, bar staff, Lodgers and Visitors.

The following entries are in this format:

Year/Publican or other Resident/Relationship to Head and or Occupation/Age/Where Born/Source.

1881/William Collins/Beerhouse Keeper, Widow/73/Beaminster, Dorset/Census

1881/William Plant/Son In Law/27/Debenham, Suffolk/Census

1881/Georgina Plant/Daughter/35/Beaminster, Dorset/Census

1927/W Homer/Beer Retailer/../../Kellys Directory ****

1911 Census

George Smith : Beer Retailer : 48 yrs

Harriett : Assisting in Business : 50 yrs

George : Jobbing Gardener : 17 yrs

May : 12 yrs

Ethel : 11 yrs

Edwin : 8 yrs

Hector : 6 yrs

Kate Dixon : Hawker : 28 yrs

Portsmouth Evening News : Wednesday 4 March 1925

Transfer Sessions - Warrior’s Arms, Highbury Street from George Henry Crabb to Raymond Sidney Fleetwood

Ceased trading in 1934, delicensed and converted to residential property.  Later demolished.

Highbury Street : Nos 68 - Highbury Hall: Welcome

80 Highbury Street

1911 Census

William Lester : General Labourer : 40 yrs

Minnie : 38 yrs

Winifred : 13 yrs

James Burnell : Coal Heaver : 33 yrs

Margaret Harris : 29 yrs

Alfred Burnell : Formerly Coal Heaver : 55 yrs

James Williams : Carrier’s Carter : 28 yrs

Ellen Curtiss : Servant & Housekeeper : 29 yrs

Percy Alfred Prickett : Clerk : 26 yrs

Mary Sandford : Servant & Housekeeper : 26 yrs

Portsmouth Evening News : Tuesday 9 March 1926

What was referred to as a disgraceful scene in a public house was mentioned at the Portsmouth Police Court today, before Mr A Grigsby (in the chair) and Mr C H March, when Emily Barter, who gave her address as the Phoenix Hotel, King Street, was charged with unlawfully wounding Fanny Kelly of 55 Highbury Street, at the Naval and Military Arms, on March1, reduced to one of common assault.

Mr G H King appeared for the complainant, and Mr E F Watts for the defendant.

Dr M E Lampard described the wounds on the complainant’s hands.  The extensir tendons of the right index finger were severed in two places.  It was not a severe wound.

Complainant, who is the barmaid, said that about 9.15 pm on March 1 the defendant came into the house and had an altercation with another woman.  Defendant threw a glass at the other woman, and when witness asked her to leave defendant jabbed with a glass at the witness’s face, and in protecting her face, witness’s hand was cut.

Cross-examined, she denied that there was a “general scrap” in the house, and maintained that it was the defendant who struck her.

Complainant’s husband and two other customers gave corroborative evidence, and Mr Watts, for the defendant, said there was a most disgraceful scene, in which everyone was to blame.  Mrs Deck threw a glass at the defendant, and there was a scrap between them.  If Mrs Kelly came between them she may have been injured by one or the other without either of them intending it.

Defendant supported this statement.  She denied striking the complainant.

Cross-examined ; she did not know Mrs Kelly had been injured until she saw her at the police station.

Evidence in support of defendant’s case was given by William Blake, a naval pensioner, who was in the hotel, and Elsie Jeffreys of 80 Highbury Street.

Portsmouth Evening News : Tuesday 14 May 1929

Admitted to the Royal Hospital with head injury as a result of an accident, Ethel Irene Harvey (3), of 80 Highbury Street

Highbury Street : Nos 68 - Highbury Hall: Welcome

82 Highbury Street

1911 Census

Edward Brooks : General Dealer : 50 yrs

William Heath : Labourer : 39 yrs

Ada : 38 yrs

John Sandford : Wood Carver : 63 yrs

Emily : 52 yrs

Jemima Stevens : Hawker : 69 yrs

Highbury Street : Nos 68 - Highbury Hall: Text

84 Highbury Street

1911 Census

Richard Cripps : Chair Bottomer : 72 yrs

Emma Buckland : Housekeeper : 52 yrs

Benjamin Jones : Rag Collector : 46 yrs

Mary Ann Holdsworth : Housekeeper : 53 yrs

William Marsh : Saw Sharpener : 69 yrs

Highbury Street : Nos 68 - Highbury Hall: About

86 Highbury Street

1911 Census

William White : General Labourer : 59 yrs

Elizabeth : 58 yrs

William Cradwick : Coal labourer : 72 yrs

James Duke : Rag Collector : 67 yrs

Jane : 57 yrs

Portsmouth Evening News : Monday 23 June 1924

Alleged Housebreaking - Portsmouth Man and Police Constable

In objecting to an application for a remand against him at the Portsmouth Police Court today, Francis Vincent Riley, of 86 Highbury Street, told an extraordinary tale.  He was charged with breaking 11 Milton Raod, Copner, the residence of Leonard James, on the 23rd isnt.

Det. Mardlin said at 3.20 this morning Pc Clark was on duty in Milton Road, when he heard  a crash in the rear of No 11.  He climbed over the garden wall and looked in the back, seeing prisoner crouching  by the sofa.  The constable opened the door, and, going in, asked Riley what he was doing.  The occupier was roused, and later the prisoner struggled with Pc Clark, who handcuffed him and took him to Fratton Police Station.

Pc Clark corroborated and said when arrested Riley, “Oh God. This will kill my wife,”  and when charged he said, “It’s a lie.”

Leonard James, the occupier of the house, said prisoner had no right there.  Riley said as a rule when he could not sleep, owing to his wounded foot, he went for a walk or fishing.  He went out last night, and walked along a route detailed.  When he got near Kingston prison he picked up a Policeman’s whistle, and walking alongside Pc Clark and told him what he had found.  The Policeman put it in his pocket, and they had a conversation.  The constable said, “You have been in prison before,” and asked why he was out at that time.  They walked along, the Policeman asking him to accompany him towards New Road Bridge.  On the way the constable said, “ I must examine this bank,” and went over the wall.  Pc Clark fell into the garden, and he (Riley) assisted him.  When  they got to the back door he helped the constable to try it, and the door came open with him.  The constable then said he would be charged with being found on the premises.

A remand until a week tomorrow was granted, bail being refused, the Police objecting in view of accused’d statement.

Portsmouth Evening News : Friday 26 June 1942

Fire broke out yesterday afternoon in the unoccupied premises of 86 Highbury Street.  War Reserve Constable Ballard gave the alarm, and the N.F.S. turned out promptly under Company Officer P G Butler.  When the fire had been put out the firemen had to carry out a certain amount of demolition work.  It is believed the fire was caused by children playing with matches in the back room of the house.  The premises had previously been seriously damaged by fire during an enemy raid last year.

Highbury Street : Nos 68 - Highbury Hall: Welcome

88 Highbury Street

1911 Census

Charles Edward Chandler : General Labourer ; 28 yrs

Annie Alice : 29 yrs

Mary Jane : 8 yrs

Annie Elizabeth : 1 yrs

Gladys May : 7 months

Daniel Cummings : Salesman, Own Account : 48 yrs

Alice : 41 yrs

Theresa : 11 yrs

Maud : 8 yrs

Ethel : 4 yrs

George Mosley : Jobbing Gardener : 50 yrs

Portsmouth Evening News : Tuesday 6 August 1940

On condition that he makes restitution William Parker (18), labourer of 88 Highbury Street was bound over on probation for 12 months for stealing £1 3s from a gas meter.

Portsmouth Evening News : Monday 4 November 1940

Two weeks ago William Parker (18), of Highbury Street was before the Court accused of loitering in Kingston, and the case was adjourned for a fortnight with the idea of the accused joining the Army on his 18th birthday, but he has since absconded.  A warrant was issued for Parker’s arrest.

Portsmouth Evening News : Tuesday 3 December 1940

Sentence of six months’ imprisonment was imposed at Portsmouth today on Edward William Parker (18) of 88 Highbury Street.

There were three charges of stealing bicycles, one of loitering with intent to commit a felony, and one for obtaining £1 2s 6d by false pretences.  Parker pleaded guilty.

Pc Brooker said that Parker sold one of the stolen machines to a man named Whittington for £1 and then stole the machine from him again.  Pc G Strugnell said that Parker was before the Court in August for stealing money, and was placed on Probation.  While on Probation he was arrested for being a suspected person, and the Magistrates twice adjourned the case on the promise from Parker that he would join the Army.  He did not do so.

Mr J Lovett (Probation Officer), said that while on Probation the boy had not responded in any way to advice which had been given to him.  Since August, Parker had left his home because of the air raids.  He had slept in air raid shelters and had been associating with undesirable people.

The boy’s grandfather, with whom he was brought up, appealed to the Magistrates to give Parker another chance, saying that he had got into bad company when he went hop-picking this year.

The Lord Mayor Councillor D L Daley), who sat with Alderman G W Corbin and Councillor J E Lane, said to Parker,”You have only yourself to blame.  You have good grandparents and you have had all the chances the Bench can give you.”

Highbury Street : Nos 68 - Highbury Hall: About

94 Highbury Street

1911 Census

Stephen David Stockwell : Dock Labourer : 55 yrs

Emma Louisa : 53 yrs

Henry George : Grocer’s Assistant : 14 yrs

Dorothy May : 13 yrs

Herbert George Schulkins : Joiner in Dockyard : 26 yrs

Emily Kate : 25 yrs

Cyril George : 4 yrs

Highbury Street : Nos 68 - Highbury Hall: Text

Highbury Street

1881 Census

William Andsley : Mariner : 31 yrs

Jane : 26 yrs

William : 4 yrs

Highbury Street : Nos 68 - Highbury Hall: Text

Highbury Street

Portsmouth Bank

Portsmouth Evening News : Saturday 11 May 1935
Sir, - I read with interest your particulars respecting the old Portsmouth Bank.  I think you will find that the Bank was at the corner of St Thomas’s Street and Highbury Street.  The premises were afterwards occupied by Messrs Cousins and Burbridge, solicitors, for a number of years.  It was known to me as a boy as the old penny bank.  I know it closed a year or so prior to 1869, because the premises opposite, now the Stag Beerhouse, were also empty and my father obtained from the Revenue Authorities a licence to sell beer there, and I have heard him say he was undecided which of the two premises to obtain a licence for.  After 1869 you had to apply to the Justices.
Yours etc
J. Moore, Woodcote, 1 Park Lane, Cowplain.

Highbury Street : Nos 68 - Highbury Hall: About

Highbury Street

“Cross Keys”

Portsmouth Evening News : Tuesday 24 June 1924
Deaths : Langdown - At the “Cross Keys”, Highbury Street, Freeland Langdown, the beloved husband of E Langdown.  At rest after great suffering

Highbury Street : Nos 68 - Highbury Hall: Text

Highbury Street

“Highbury Hall”

1891 Census

George Flower : Congregational Minister & Caretaker : 46 yrs

Highbury Street : Nos 68 - Highbury Hall: Text
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